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Picture Gallery Page 2, at Old Royston
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Old Royston - Royston

Old Royston sign

Old Royston is a small hamlet on Notton Lane and Navvy Lane just north of Royston.
It is in Notton Civil Parish in the City of Wakefield Metropolitan District, West Yorkshire.

[It has a Barnsley S71 postal address.]

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Click to enlarge1. At this point the canal is some way to the east (left of the picture). The railway runs between the Trans Pennine Trail and the canal. Proceeding southwards from this point, the trail rejoins the canal as it nears Royston in South Yorkshire. Picture taken from Old Royston near Notton Bridge. (Grid ref. SE 366 133).
© John S. Sargent 26th June 2010.
Click to enlarge2. Picture taken to the south of High Bridge. The road crossing the canal by this bridge is Navvy Lane. The footpath along the tow path eventually leaves it and peters out in waste land near Royston.
© John S. Sargent 28th July 2002.
Click to enlarge3. At the eastern end of Old Royston. This is High Bridge carrying Navvy Lane, beneath which runs the Barnsley Canal (Grid ref. SE 367 134). Northwards (to the right of the picture), the Trans Pennine Trail heads north towards Cold Hiendley and Walton along the canal towing path. Westwards the road crosses the B6132 and continues to Notton, eastwards the road heads towards Cold Hiendley and Ellis Laithe. Click to enlarge 4. Old Royston viewed from the west near Notton Bridge. The Trans Pennine Trail runs from the far end of the hamlet, leaving the canal, and after crossing both bridges, proceeds to the right, heading south to Royston in South Yorkshire.
© John S. Sargent 26th June 2010
Click to enlarge5. The Trans Pennine Trail post and a conveniently located bench in Old Royston.
[06 Jun 2012]
Click to enlargeOld Royston, Notton Lane and Navvy Lane.
Click to enlarge6. Midland Cottages, between the bridges in Old Royston.
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlarge7. Midland Cottages, see the map (above).
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlarge 8. Peace and quiet on the canal just south of Old Royston. Photographed 28th July 2002.
Click to enlarge 9. Although the tow path continues underneath the bridge, the Trans Pennine Trail climbs up the slope and then crosses the canal via High Bridge. It then continues through Old Royston, crossing the railway bridge and then turns southwards towards Royston in South Yorkshire. Photographed 28 July 2002.
Click to enlarge10. View northwards from Notton Bridge at Old Royston. The railway track passes through the Chevet Cutting (just visble in the distance) and Walton, running alongside Common Lane, Greenside and Oakenshaw Lane. Eventually the line connects with other lines at Oakenshaw Junction near Wakefield.
© John Sargent, 30th June 2010.
Click to enlarge 11. The old Midland Railway line passes underneath this bridge (Notton Bridge). The canal bridge (High Bridge) is further east.
© John Sargent, 26th June 2010.
Click to enlarge12. Notton Railway Bridge (No. 194) at Old Royston. This trail is a continuation of the Chevet Branch Line footpath and cycle track.
[26 May 2014]
The English Flag - The Cross of St George
Part of our English Heritage
Notton Bridge is a Grade II Listed Building.
Read more (PDF).
Click to enlarge13. Notton Railway Bridge (No. 194) at track level adjacent to the footpath and cycle track.
[26 May 2014]
Head north to Walton
Click here for canal map and route diagram.
The Trans Pennine Trail and National Cycle Route 67 pass through this hamlet.
Footpaths and Bridleways
For more information about public rights of way in the Wakefield district, visit the official Wakefield website.
Click here for Walton's Public Rights of Way.
The Trans Pennine Trail
Central Section
West Yorkshire

Sustainable Transport
National Route 67 is a north / south route option of the Trans Pennine Trail (central) and is open between Leeds, Wakefield, Barnsley, and Sheffield

Ryhill in History Vol. 1
Ryhill In History Volume One
Stella M. Hutchings,
G. A. Penn,
John Goodchild,
R. Benton,
P. Andrews.
Published 1981 by
Ryhill Parish Council
& City of Wakefield
District Council

A History of Ryhill, Vol. 2
A History Of Ryhill Volume Two
Jack McGillivray.
Published 1989 by
Ryhill Parish Council.

Picture Gallery Page 2, at Old Royston

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