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    • All Saints' Church, Castleford.
    • All Saints' Church, viewed from the River Aire.
    • Castle Road Bridge over the River Aire.
    • Castle Road Bridge over the River Aire.
    • Riverside Walk. The Ford Square, the relief wall by artist Harry Malkin.
    • The Romans, a section of the relief wall by Harry Malkin.
    • Castleford Roman Bath House, commemorative plaque.
    • Castleford, the site of the Roman Bath House.
    • The River Aire at Castleford.
    • The weir on the River Aire at Castleford.
    • The River Aire at Castleford weir.
    • Castleford viewed from the River Aire.
    • Castleford, the River Aire.
    • Castleford weir and footbridge.
    • The River Aire downstream from the weir at Castleford.
    • The footbridge across the River Aire at Castleford.

Views of Castleford from the vicinity of the River Aire.

Castleford is a historic Roman settlement and is the largest of the five towns in the the City of Wakefield Metropolitan District in West Yorkshire, England. Historically part of the old West Riding of Yorkshire. The confluence of the Rivers Aire and Calder is just to the north of the town. These two rivers form part of the the Aire and Calder Navigation.

The town is home to Castleford Tigers Rugby League Football Club.

The town’s origins are ancient. In the late 1st century and until 180 AD the Romans created an important settlement on the River Aire where Castleford stands today. This consisted of a civilian settlement around a military fort. It was known as Lagentium, or locally as Legioleum. Here travellers waited for the River Aire to become low enough to ford the river in order to cross it. This fort gave the town its name Castleford which comes from the Latin ‘Castrum’ meaning a camp or fort. One of the most notable Roman town centre sites is that of the Bath House on Aire Street. The settlement at Castleford continued after the Romans left until about 410 AD.

The Anglo-Saxons occupied the area and called it Casterford (ford by the fort).

The "Five Towns" are Normanton, Pontefract, Featherstone, Castleford and Knottingley. Sources: Wakefield Metropolitan District Council and Wikipedia.


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