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Broad Reach to Stanley Ferry
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Stanley Ferry - Fairies Hill
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Click to enlargeBroad Reach Lock is at the Wakefield end of the Aire & Calder Navigation Calder Cut , this runs through the Southern Washlands Nature Corridor to the east of Wakefield and on past Stanley Ferry Marina towards Castleford. The Calder or New Cut ends at Wood Nook* Lock by Fairies Hill, from which point the River Calder is again navigable to its confluence with the River Aire.
(* on older maps called 'New Cut', and also known as Broadreach Cut or Broadreach and Woodnook Cut)

The River Calder and the Aire and Calder Navigation flow downstream south to north at this point. The river meanders considerably in this area.

This map is presented in landscape orientation with North on the left. Upstream (south and then west) the Aire and Calder meets the Calder and Hebble Navigation at Fall Ings Lock. Fall Ings Cut then runs through to Wakefield Pond and the new Wakefield Waterfront (the beginnings of a decent waterfront for the city) and the Hepworth Art Gallery.

The map is from a leaflet Discover the Southern Washlands Nature Corridor published by the Yorkshire Widlife Trust. You can also find out more from Wakefield's Countryside & Conservation Service on the official City of Wakefield web site.


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Broad Reach Lock. The beginning of Calder Cut at the Wakefield end. A popular spot for anglers. The Southern Washlands are off to the left and a footbridge (Blue Bridge) crosses the River Calder to Ash Fields and Half Moon.
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View of Broad Reach Lock from Blue Bridge, the footbridge across the River Calder to Ash Fields.
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Broad Reach Bridge, east of the lock, viewed upstream towards Wakefield.
[09 Sep 2010]
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View downstream to Harrison's Bridge and Stanley Ferry Marina.
[09 Sep 2010]
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Harrison's Bridge between Broad Reach Lock and Stanley Ferry.
[09 Sep 2010]
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View along the cut towards Stanley Ferry Marina and the aqueducts.
[09 Sep 2010]
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View downstream of the marina with the two aqueducts beyond.
[09 Sep 2010]
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Newlands Spoil or Slag Heap viewed from the River Calder. There are opencast workings in this area.
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The Southern Washlands Corridor was once heavily industrialised, some reminders of that past remain.
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Kirkthorpe Weir in the Southern Washlands.
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Sculpture at Harrisons Bridge.
The Aire & Calder Navigation

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Read more about Wakefield's canals in Wakefield Canal Trail by John Goodchild, Wakefield Historical Publications
(ISBN 0 901869 22 8)
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