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Photographs of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Bingley to Silsden section.
Click to enlarge.Bingley, the chimney is a relic of the industrial past of this area of the town. Some buildings have been converted into canalside apartments.

Click to enlarge.The Bowling Green Mills area, not far from Damart (to whom the chimney belongs).

Click to enlarge.Bowling Green Mills area.
Damart, a mail order catalogue and online retailer selling thermal clothing is based in Bingley, the distant chimney is their's and forms a local landmark on the Bingley Relief Road (A650).
Click to enlarge.Three Rise Locks at Crossflatts, Bingley. Viewed from across the Bingley Relief Road (A650).
Click to enlarge.The Three Rise Locks, looking upstream.

Click to enlarge.The Three Rise Locks at the upstream end.

Click to enlarge.Bingley Five Rise Locks, just a short distance from the Three Rise Locks.
Click to enlarge.At the top end of the Five Rise Locks, looking downstream. The Damart chimney is in the distance.
Click to enlarge.ABC Footbridge, Newark Road, Crossflatts. [2011] Click to enlarge.Micklethwaite Swing Bridge, no. 199.
Click to enlarge.Morton Swing Bridge no. 198A, Morton Lane, Bingley.
Click to enlarge.Stockbridge Swing Bridge (no. 197) and the conveniently located pub, the Marquis of Granby.
Click to enlarge.Booth's Swing Bridge no. 195, Howden Rough.
Click to enlarge.The canal near Lodge Hill Bridge (no. 194).
Click to enlarge.Holden Swing Bridge (no. 193).
Click to enlarge.View of the countryside in January near Holden Swing Bridge.
Click to enlarge.Brunthwaite Swing Bridge (no. 192), Brunthwaite Bridge Lane. [2011] Click to enlarge.View of the Yorkshire countryside in winter to the east of Silsden.
Click to enlarge.Silsden.
The canal approaching Silsden from the south-east.
Click to enlarge.Waterfront houses at Silsden.
Click to enlarge.Silsden Clog Bridge (no. 191A), Keighley Road (A6038). ■ Continue the trail towards Skipton.
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Leeds & Liverpool Canal
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