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In December of 1824, Waterton returned home from his Fourth Wandering, and his Wanderings in South America were published in 1825. Thereafter, his travels were confined to Europe with a journey, slightly further afield, to Madeira in 1845 with his sisters-in-law.

He settled into his life as a country squire, a dabbler in political debate, a father, an author (his Essays), a campaigner fighting against pollution in his home village, the running of Walton Park ("Waterton Park" as it is often called today) and a traveller on the Continent.

His wandering days were at an end - but his interest in life most certainly was not, and his status as a celebrity was assured.

Charles WatertonIn 1824, the Squire's portrait was painted by Charles Willson Peale. Read more about the painting and the artist.

A poacher entrapped by the Squire.

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HeadstoneThe headstone of Mary Joyce, the Faithful Servant. Read more. Click here to read more.The Noctifier.
Waterton had some strong views on political issues of the day. His views were sometimes represented by his own creations, or those created by Nature with his help.
Funeral for a FriendWhen Father Glover, a Jesuit priest, became ill, Charles Waterton and his household cared for him at Walton Hall. Father Glover died there on 31st May 1849. Waterton wrote his obituary and arranged for his interment in the Waterton Chapel in St. Helen's, Sandal Magna. Click the image to read the obituary.  
"Mr. Waterton was, during his whole life, anxiously punctual and extremely exact in all his pecuniary transactions, ever having the greatest horror of being in debt." (Richard Hobson).
More about the Squire and his finances.

Joseph Wolff
'That Sublime Vagabond' meets 'A White Man From Yorkshire'.

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