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Coal Mines Act 1911

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Sharlston West (Walton) Colliery, November 1926.
Courtesy The John Goodchild Collection.

General View of Sharlston West (Walton) Colliery, November 1926.
Courtesy the John Goodchild Collection.

Just lie back and open wide .....

Underground Dentistry

A correspondent writes:
"Back in the 1970's a miner named Alan Perkins made local and national news as an underground dentist.  This man was my dad and the clippings I had of this news report have now been lost.  Others involved were Stan Pagget (the victim) and Terry Lloyd (nurse assistant) if you could find these newspaper clippings I feel that this would be a great contribution to Walton colliery history."

I agree. I spoke to a few old mining types - John Brown, Graham Oldroyd and Tommy Turtle (now landlord of the New Inn, Walton) and they all knew of the story and knew the people concerned. It seems that the 'patient' had been complaining about his toothache so much that his colleagues decided to alleviate the pain - his and their own. The piece of dental equipment used was a pair of pliers.

However, I have not so far been able to pinpoint the exact date - 1974 and 1976 have been mentioned, nor have I been able to find any newspaper clippings so far - although a publication Coal News was mentioned.

It is an interesting tale of what seems to have been a somewhat ad hoc bit of dentistry with pliers.

If you happen to have any information about the newspaper coverage or can help pinpoint the date, please let me know, click here.

(None of the dentistry pictures feature the actual participants.)

Going down ... and coming back up!
Times for the lowering and raising of workmen at Sharlston West (Walton Colliery) and Haw Park Pit are described in this publication, Coal Mines Act 1911, The Abstract, General Regulations, Explosives in Coal Mine Order, Eight Hours Act Regulations, and Byrlaws to be Observed at New Sharlston Colleries Ltd. at the New Sharlston Stanley Main Mine.

New Sharlston Collieries Ltd. operated the following collieries:

The Sharlston Haigh-Moor Pit,
The Sharlston Stanley-Main Pit,
The Sharlston West Pit,
(Later to become Walton Pit),
The Haw-Park Pit

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Not 'All work and no play' though:
Sharlston West Colliery Tug-of-War Team. Winners of the N.C.A.A.A.* Championships 1939 - 1947.
Back: A. Hinchcliffe, D. Jackson, D. Hopson, R. Booth, E. Lilley, H. Woodward.
Front: D. Bowman, E. Wilkinson, E. Murgatroyd Engine Wright), W.H. Bourne (Manager), M. Wilson (Coach), G. Wrigglesworth, J. Bowman.
(*Northern Counties Amateur Athletics Association)

Recognise this profile? In the showers at Walton Colliery, believed to be in the 1970s.

No connection with the story above. (JSS)

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