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St. Helen's Church, Sandal Magna.
Sandal Castle sunset
Good Friday at Sandal Castle
Sandal Methodist Church
The Castle pub
Three Houses pub

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The Pump, Sandal. Sandal Magna, or just Sandal, is a suburb of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. It is an ancient settlement and is the site of Sandal Castle, now in ruins.

It has a parish church, St. Helen's, that predates the Domesday Book. Walton, although a civil parish in its own right, is in the ecclesiastical parish of Sandal Magna.
It is about two miles (3 km) south from Wakefield, on the A61 (Barnsley Road). These days, Sandal covers a large area and includes places such as Milnthorpe and Woodthorpe.

Richard of York Gave Battle In VainRichard of York Gave Battle In Vain. This is a mnemonic that is commonly used to remind one of the colours of the rainbow Richard – Red, Of – Orange, York – Yellow, Gave – Green, Battle – Blue, In – Indigo, Vain – Violet.

Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, was slain in Sandal during the Battle of Wakefield in 1460, during what we now know as the Wars of the Roses. A little more recently, the highwayman, Nevison, was captured in the original Three Houses Inn and hauled off to York to face justice.

Mary Ingham and Brenda Andrassy Sign of the times. The following extract laments the spread of housing that has resulted in Sandal Magna becoming a suburb of Wakefield.

"The quiet village and surrounding countryside havebecome more accessible to the many car owners, resulting in vast house building projects such as those at Kettlethorpe, Woolgreaves, Walton Lane across to Chevet and Pledwick - sprawling Suburbia! The warm comfort of a close-knit village community has gone."
Sandal Magna, a Yorkshire Parish and its People, Mary Ingham and Brenda Andrassy, ISBN 0 9506442 0 X, 1978.

That said, even though much has changed since the 1970s, Sandal is still a pleasant, largely residential, area. Find out more about Sandal at the Sandal Community Association (accessed 31st October 2018).

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