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The grave of Joze Luis Fernandes of Sandal Magna and Grange Over Sands, 1898.

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Graves to the east of the church..

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Memorial to Sir Lionel Milborne Swinnerton Pilkington (1835 - 1901), 11th Baronet of Chevet Park, and his wife Dame Isabella Elizabeth Georgiana (1838 - 1894).

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The son of Joze Luis, Leonard Jose Luis Fernandes, was drowned off Valparaiso, Chile in 1874. Behind their shared tomb is that of Sebastian Charles Luis Fernandes.

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Some older graves in an overgrown area of the churchyard.

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Memorial to Mary Pilkington (1826 - 1909), elder daughter of Sir William Pilkington, 8th Baronet of Chevet Park.

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The grave of William (d. 1883) and Mary Sellers (d. 1900) of Elmwood House, Walton.

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The more recent graves tend to have smaller headstones.

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The grave of William Radcliffe Wilson (1885) and his wife Rosa (1890), Grove House, Walton.

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Some more recent graves.

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Sarah and William Glover of Agbrigg Locks and John Whitaker, and others, of Sandal Cross Lane.

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Memorial to Richard Norman Hurt (1847 - 1918), formerly a vicar of the parish..


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