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Walton Village Map Walton Colliery Nature Reserve WEST: Greenside, Walton Station Lane, Walton Station Lane & Common Lane SOUTH: Overtown, Sike Lane, Highfield Lane, Haw Park EAST: Elmwood Estate, Cherry Tree Estate & Brooklands Estate Walton Hall & Walton Park  Middle Walton, Woodfield Park, The Balk & The Grove Lower Town Manor Estate Hare Park Oakenshaw Lane and Walton Lane Woodyard Cottages and Chevet Terrace
The main areas of the village, with clickable links to the picture galleries.
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■ Oakenshaw ■ Greenside & Common Lane ■ Woodyard & Chevet Terrace
■ Manor Estate Lower Town Middle Walton
■ Overtown & South Walton Colliery Nature Park ■ Eastern Areas
■ Walton/Waterton Park ■ Hare Park ■ Hilly Fields

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Walton near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.