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THE SPURRS, Family Butchers of Walton
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The Spurrs - Edwin, William, John E. and William B. (1)

William Spurr was one of the acolytes mentioned in the section covering Charles Waterton's funeral, and his son, William B. Spurr,
of the Manor House in Lower Town, was one of the committee caring for the Squire's Grave.
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The first butcher shop, opened by Edwin Spurr in 1847, when 'he commenced business on his own account in his native village of Walton, where prior to that time, there had been no butcher's business.
His first shop was at the left-hand corner turning into Priory Square. It is the building now used as a coal place by Mr. Mace.' (1)

■ Priory Square (Middle Walton).

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The shop moved to these premises roundabout 1856, situated near the Barnsley Canal*, 'down the yard where Mr. Dews now has his premises'.
[William B. Spurr (1)]
(* Adjacent to the New Inn by Soaphouse or High Town Bridge, now Walton Locks.)

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When Edwin Spurr took over Rose Farm on the death of his father in 1860, he built a shop-slaughterhouse in 1862, which was in use until he gave up the farm in 1908.

'For many years he had a shop in the covered market at Wakefield, which was opened on Fridays and Saturday nights, and at one time (but I have not been able to secure the date) he had a branch shop at Thornes.'
[William B. Spurr] (1)

■ Rose Farm (Walton South).

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The premises at the end of Victoria Terrace (Spurr's Row).
These were opened by W.B. Spurr in July 1909. (1)

■ Victoria Terrace (Spurr's Row)

In 1890 William, who up to that time had worked for his father Edwin, was established in
business in Westmoreland Street, Wakefield. When Edwin retired from butchering in 1897, William also took over the butcher's business at Walton and worked both businesses.
About 1899, William B. Spurr's brother, John. E. Spurr, went to gain experience as shopman to S. E. Redfern, Ltd., of Chesterfield, and brought back many new ideas into the business. John was given the Wakefield establishment in 1907. Two years later when their father, William Spurr, retired from butchering, John continued in Wakefield whilst William B. took over the Walton business and opened a new shop in Victoria Terrace.
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The first Christmas Show, 1909. (1)
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The Slaughter House and Cooling Room, built 1924.
This adjoined Manor Farm. (1)
■ Manor Road
■ Manor Estate
1. The Centenary of the Firm of Spurr, Butchers of Walton, 1947.

THE SPURRS, Family Butchers of Walton

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