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Barnsley Canal - Clay Royd Bridge

About 7.5 km from the River Calder, Blue Bridge (built 1828) is set in the middle of Haw Park. It is in better condition than Clay Royd Bridge, although the tow path had collapsed beneath the bridge,and was restored as part of the Trans Pennine Trail.

This is the last bridge, from the direction of Walton, before the canal reaches Cold Hiendley Reservoir.

The English Flag - The Cross of St George
Part of our English Heritage
Blue Bridge is a Grade II Listed Building.
Find out more on Historic England,
Images of England. IoE Number: 342338.
(Site accessed 31 July 2018)
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Blue Bridge before the Trans Pennine Trail was created along this stretch of the canal.
[ © John S. Sargent August 2000]
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Blue Bridge photographed on 15th May 2004.
[© John S. Sargent]
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Blue Bridge.
[© John S. Sargent 8th April 2010]
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Blue Bridge looking into the main body of Haw Park Woods.
[© John S. Sargent 8th April 2010]
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The small Jack Russell dog, in the top righthand picture, returns ten years later to survey the improvements made to the towing path. She approved.
[© John S. Sargent 8th April 2010]
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A tow rope pulley between Blue Bridge and Cold Hiendley Reservoir.
[© John S. Sargent 8th April 2010]
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