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 Navigate the Barnsley Canal pages by using the 'Related Pages' menu on the right. The principal pages are listed north to south from the River Calder to Barnsley.

Local Development Framework Wakefield Metropolitan District Local Development Framework - February 2011 (LDF)

Site Specific Proposals - Submission
Page 131. Safeguarded Line For Canal Restoration

An authoritative study has found that the restoration of the canal from the River Calder to the River Don is feasible, but at very high cost. The study dealt with economic, environmental, and managerial matters and considered both costs and benefits. The restoration is likely to be undertaken incrementally over a long period.

The study illustrated that its implementation could be substantially progressed within the plan period. If the opportunity were not taken to safeguard the route from development, the feasibility of implementing a scheme at any time in the future could be undermined, by new development taking place across the proposed line. As detailed restoration schemes for sections are proposed, environmental impact assessments will be required to accompany planning applications as necessary, and environmental impacts will need to be satisfactorily mitigated.

Parts of the canal are designated as a Site of Scientific Interest, Local Nature Reserves, Ancient Woodland and proposed Wakefield Nature Areas. A corridor up to 50 metres wide, 25 metres either side the centre-line of the route, is safeguarded from development. The more exact and necessary corridor width at any particular point on the route, will be determined in consultation with the Barnsley Canals Consortium and the Barnsley Dearne and Dove Canals Trust as development proposals arise.

Land occupied by and adjacent to the former Barnsley Canal will be protected from other forms of development, in order to safeguard its potential to be reinstated to its former use for commercial or leisure purposes, or to extend the cycling or footpath networks.

■ Read more about the Local Development Framework and the Local Plan at Wakefield Council's official website.
Search the council's site for "walton neighbourhood plan" or similar.
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