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This section deals with the canal at Oakenshaw Railway Viaduct in Walton.

This map of the canal from the River Calder to Oakenshaw Junction is from the Ordnance Survey 1st Edition of 1841, with some later revisions to the railways to 1885.

■ Click here for a diagram of the canal route.

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1. Oakenshaw Railway Viaduct, probably photographed in the 1920s. This picture shows the canal leading towards Walton Colliery. A metal bridge was later built alongside the viaduct to accommodate additional rail traffic. Judging by the bent-over chap on the towing path, the large barge appears to be manpowered rather than towed by a horse.

The canal at this point is about 2km from its junction with the Aire & Calder Navigation at the River Calder, Wakefield.

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2. The canal and pit have both gone, now the nature park lies the other side of the arches. The railway track is still in use, mainly for freight. This picture shows the metal bridge built alongside the original stone bridge with additional structural brickwork.
[January 2010]
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3. The viaduct viewed from the Walton Colliery Nature Park. The metal bridge was a later addition. Photographed on New Year's Day 2010.
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4. The canal viewed northwards from Oakenshaw Lane at the point where the canal would have passed beneath it. The canal ends at the lane, to reappear in water a hundred metres or so further south inside the nature park for a short stretch . The Trans Pennine Trail and National Cycle Route 67 do not use the towpath towards Agbrigg and Wakefield, instead they run along Oakenshaw Lane towards Heath Common.
[January 2010]

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