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Old Royston to Royston
Old Royston - Royston, Midland Road
Royston Bear Cave

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Cold Hiendley - Old Royston
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Click to enlarge Trans Pennine Trail. Southbound sign at Old Royston, West Yorkshire. From this point it is 1.5 miles to Royston, South Yorkshire, and 8.5 miles to Barnsley. The trail runs alongside the Midland railway line, not the canal, until the area known as Bear Cave, where there was once a railway viaduct and junction. It then crosses the canal and continues to Royston between the railway line and the canal.

View Barnsley Canal, Old Royston to Royston in a larger map
Click to enlargeNear Old Royston, the junction of the Trans Pennine Trail and, to the right, the Chevet Branch Line Track to Newmillerdam.
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlargeWalkers and cyclists share this part of the Trans Pennine Trail.
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlargeWebs envelope the stripped branches of a small bush by the Midland Railway line. The small oak seems to have escaped the fate of the shrouded bush..
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlarge A stretch of the canal in water above Royston. Photographed 30th June 2010 from the Trans Pennine Trail, which rejoins the canal on the approach to Royston after parting company with it at Old Royston.
Click to enlargeThe Trans Pennine Trail alongside the canal.
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlargeAn attractive stretch of the canal.
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlargeA moorhen enjoying the relative peace and quiet of the canal near Royston.
Latin name Gallinula chloropus. Family Rails (Rallidae).
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlargeThe canal a short distance north of Midland Road.
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlargeThe railway and coke works from the Trans Pennine Trail just north of Royston.
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlargeMonckton Coke and Chemical Works viewed from the towing path.
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlargeThe Trans Pennine Trail on the old towing path just north of Midland Road. The big black heaps, of course, belong to Monckton Coke and Chemical Works.
[26 May 2014]
Click to enlarge Coke has been made on the Monckton site at Royston for over 130 years.

Monckton is the only independent coke production plant in the United Kingdom. More information (external link).
[26 May 2014]

Click to enlargeMidland Road at Royston. The canal route and Trans Pennine Trail continues southwards on the other side of the road.
[26 May 2014]

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