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Click to enlargeAbout 4km from the junction with the Aire & Calder Navigation, site of Soap House Bridge near the Walton Social club, Shay Lane. The bridge was also known as High Town Bridge and locally as "Goddard's Bridge".
© John S. Sargent, June 2000.

Click to enlargeThe Soap House Stretch covers the area from Lower Town Bridge up to High Town Bridge at Soap House Yard.

More pictures of the Soap House Yard area.

Click to enlargeA Yorkshire waterway of many memories, as the Yorkshire Post described the by-now closed Barnsley Canal on 25th Sepember 1953. The provisional abandonment warrant was issued in May 1947. The last boat passed Royston Bridge on 7th December 1950, and the last boat used Heath Lock at the canal's junction with the River Calder on 10th June 1952. The final abandonment warrant came in 1953. From Lower Town to Soap House Bridge, the canal is built upon. From Soap House Bridge to Lock 15 (near Walton Hall) it is filled in. This picture shows children playing on the lock gates. Click to enlargeHigh Town Bridge roundabout 1950 (source not known).
Click to enlargeWalton Locks and the New Inn. High Town Bridge (also known as Soap House Bridge), where Shay Lane crossed the canal, was in this area. Before the Walton Locks houses were built, a chemist, which also sold knitting wool, was situated between the canal route and the New Inn. The chemist ceased trading in the late 1980s or early 1990s and the building was derelict for a while before it was demolished and the houses built.
[28th June 2011]

Click to enlargeWalton Locks - a small housing development built on the old canal route between the Walton Social Club and the New inn.

Photographed from the social club/communty centre car park.

Click to enlargeBy the site of lock 11 on the canal, lookingsouthwards from the Soap House Yard area. Photographed June 2000. © John S. Sargent

Click to enlargeThe route of the canal near Soap House Yard looking northwards towards High Town Bridge (site of) at Shay Lane. This is part of the Trans Pennine Trail. Photographed 9th July 200. © John S. Sargent
Click to enlargeShay Lane by Soap House Yard and the site of High Town Bridge. the canal ran just to the right of the cottage. A public right of way, part of the Trans Pennine Trail, now follows the canal route towards Haw Park Woods. Photgraphed 19th December 2009.
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