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Crofton is a large village near Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England. It is located about 4 miles (6 km) to the south east of the city. It is Walton's neighbour to the north-east. .
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Crofton Millennium Stone. [2012]
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The Parish Church of All Saints.. [2011]
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Photographic History of Crofton
History of Crofton
1900 -2000

The Wilsons of Crofton Hall, Joe Anderson
The Wilsons of Crofton Hall,
Joe Anderson

A History of All Saints' Parish Church Crofton, Lawrence Pacey
A History of All Saints' Parish Church Crofton,
Lawrence Pacey.
2nd edition, April 1991.
Arcadia Publishing, Crofton.

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Crofton High Street shops. [2012]
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A row of attractive cottages. [2012]
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Crofton Working Men's Club, Slack Lane. [2012]
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The former Catholic Church of St. Joseph. (1)

Click to enlargeThe original Crofton (Old) Hall, opposite the church, is thought to have been built in the 17th century (2).
The Ireland family lived there at intervals. Joshua Wilson bought the hall in April 1746 from his wife's brother-in-law, Captain Henry Gore, Royal Horse Guards. The Wilson family did not take up residence in the Old Hall but, instead, let it to a number of different tenants untl 1872.
On 20th November 1747, Joshua bought Birkwood from John Ireland. Other aquisitions included a large tract of land belonging to Rev. Cavendish Neville, and occupied by Joseph Fosse, husband of Mary Ireland. Cavendish Neville was the last of the Nevilles of Chevet Hall near Walton. (3)

In 1872, William Hurst bought the Old Hall and demolished it and built a new 'Old Hall', now part of the site occupied by Crofton Academy.
Richmal Mangnall bought school business in 1808 and ran it until her death in 1820. (4)
Edward Simpson, the soap manufacturer in Walton, was one of the tenants of the Old Hall. In 1877 (see picture above), he bought Walton Hall. He was, however, unable to occupy there and then it as it had been leased to Edward Hailstone. Hailstone is buried at All Saints', Crofton.

Click to enlarge Crofton (Old) Hall, drawn by Charles Cope (1782–1827) and published by him on 1st December 1813. Engraved by Robert Havell (1769–1832) and Daniel Havell (1785–1826).
Handwriting, lower left: "Drawn by C. Cope."; lower centre: "Published Dec.1st.1813 by Mr. C. Cope; lower right: engraved by R. and D. Havell.
"Dedicated to Miss Richmal Mangnall, of Crofton Hall. This Plate is most respectfully Dedicated by her Ob[edient] Serv[ant], C. Cope".

All Saints' Church is in the background.

Click to enlarge Another view of Crofton (Old) Hall, drawn by Charles Cope, published by him, and engraved by Robert Havell and Daniel Havell.

"This picture is dedicated to "Mrs. Wilson (now) of New Miller Dam. This plate is most respectfully dedicated by her Ob[edient] Serv[ant], C. Cope".

Click to enlargeCrofton Old Hall, High Street.
This replaced the earlier 'Old Hall'. The building is now in the grounds of Crofton Academy.
Click to enlargeCrofton (New) Hall.
Joshua Wilson had this Georgian house built at the bottom of Cock Lane circa 1750. He had already bought the Old Hall in 1746, but unlike the Old Hall, the Wilsons did live in the new house from time to time. However, it was also let.
The Wilson family put the hall up for sale in 1935 and left Crofton in 1942. The building was used by the Army's Northern Command during the Second World War, then by the National Coal Board in 1948, later it became the Wakefield Tutorial School. In the 1980s, the building was demolished and the Ashdene Housing Estate was built on the grounds. (5)
Click to enlargeCrofton (New) Hall.
The two original wings were replaced by two larger wings in 1887.
Click to enlargeCrofton (New) Hall, viewed from the north. Click to enlargeCrofton (New) Hall, viewed from the south.
Click to enlarge The Slipper, Crofton. [2012]
Click to enlarge The Goose & Cowlsip, formerly known
as the Lord of the Manor,
once home to Sir Titus Salt. [2012]
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Click to enlargeShay Lane, heading towards Walton from Crofton. [2012]
Click to enlarge Doncaster Road showing the Crofton Arms. [2012]

1. Crofton's Roman Catholic Church of St Joseph closed in June 2008 following a review by the diocese. The building is situated on Santingley Lane, where it was built in the 1930's. It was part of the R.C. Parish of St. Peter & St. Paul.
2. The History of Crofton, p. 19, edited by Peter Jacques. Published by the Crofton Local History Group, 2002.
3. Read more in The Wilsons of Crofton Hall, pp. 8 & 9, by Joe Anderson. Published by Joe Anderson, 2003.
4. The History of Crofton, p. 21, edited by Peter Jacques. Published by the Crofton Local History Group, 2002.
5. Ibid., Ch. 6, Crofton Hall and the Wilson Family.


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