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South America, Overview

South America - Introduction
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Charles Waterton spent a number of years in Demerara after leaving Spain. He lived and worked in Demerara for about seven years from the beginning of 1805, this was before he started on his "Wanderings" .(1)

He did leave the colony on a number of occasions, one such being in 1807 to which this entry in the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette, No. 251, Saturday, 17th October 1807, refers:
The Subscriber, intending to leave this colony in a few days for a short time, requests all persons who may have any business to transact with him to apply to Samuel Wardle, Esq. with whom he will leave a full power of attorney and every instruction necessary.
Oct. 15, 1807. Charles Waterton. (2)

Read more about his 'plantation years'.

After he disposed of the family's plantation interests in April 1812 (3), he began the first of his wanderings. The four wanderings formed the basis of his enduring account of his travels in South America, with a trip to North America thrown in for good measure.

The first and third wanderings (1812 and 1820 respectively) were to the interior of Guyana. In the second wandering (1816), Waterton recounts his visit to Pernambuco in Brazil and Cayenne in French Guiana. The fourth journey in 1824 was to New York, Philadelphia and Quebec, followed by a voyage to Antigua.

This section also includes slavery and a look at some views of Guyana since the time of Waterton.

Click to enlargeAnother 19th century map of South America. This one covers the northern area of South America, and was published in "Travels and Adventures in South and Central America, First Series: Life in the Llanos of Venezuela", by Don Ramon Paez. Published by Charles Scribner & Co., New York, 1868.


1. Wanderings in South America, The North-West of the United States, and The Antilles in the Years 1812, 1816, 1820 & 1824), Charles Waterton. There are many editions of this work.
2. Guyana Colonial Newspapers
3. The Letters of Charles Waterton of Walton Hall, near Wakefield, edited with Notes by R.A. Irwin. Rockliff, London, 1955.

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