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The Baronry of Everingham Family Tree

The Everingham Family Tree shows the connection between the Waterton family and the Everingham family.

The place named Laxton mentioned on the family tree is in Nottinghamshire, it also has the name of Lexington.

Another possible connection:
Agnes Waterton (buried 04 Oct 1570), the daughter of Sir Thomas Waterton (1500 - 1558) married Henry Everingham of Stainburgh (buried at Barton St. Mary, 10 Feb 1610/11). (2) (3).

View the Family Tree

Click here to view the Everingham Family Tree on one sheet (PDF),
Research and original document by David Alexander Richard Waterton-Anderson.

1. Chart courtesy of David Alexander Richard Waterton-Anderson, 2004.
2. Information About Dates (Gregorian & Julian Calendars).
3. Waterton Pedigree in The Burghs of Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire and the Watertons of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, by J.W. Walker, reprinted from the Journal of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, 1931.


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