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The Waterton and Blachford Connection
(There is a connection with Squire Charles Waterton's branch)

The Waterton - Blachford family history has been supplied by Mark Wareham, who writes:
I am a descendent of a Francis Waterton of the 16th century who had a son Robert at Newport on Isle of Wight and which family claimed descent from the Watertons of Walton. I believe that Francis was the one mentioned on your website as the son of Thomas Waterton and Joan Tempes. I have no absolute proof other than the family claim in the Harleian, dates and name connections which link perfectly to Thomas and Joan's son and the fact that Francis of Newport, Isle of Wight, had property in Wakefield which clearly links him to the Watertons of that area.

The following family trees have been supplied by Mark Wareham showing the Blachford Family's shared descent with Charles Waterton until Sir Thomas Waterton (b. 1500- d. 1558). Sir Thomas married twice, firstly to Joan Tempest and then to Agnes Cheyney.

Sir Thomas' son, Francis was born in 1536-40 in Walton and died on 19th September 1602 in Newport on the Isle of Wight. Francis, like his father, married twice: firstly to Christian (Krystyan) Markes (b. circa 1549 - d. circa 1570) on 22nd January 1564, Haven Street, Ryde, IOW; secondly to Elizabeth Newman (b. circa 1549, d. 1639) before 1602, IOW.

The male line of this branch of the Waterton family was short-lived; Francis Waterton's son Robert (b 09/03/1565 Newport, d 21/07/1648 Newport, IOW) married Jayne Molyns on 02/11/1602 Northwood, IOW. From this union came Eleanor Waterton (b c 1605 Newport, IOW, d aft 1648). Eleanor married twice, firstly to Richard Blachford on 16/03/1623 and secondly to Thomas Cesar.

Following the marriage of Eleanor Waterton and Richard Blachford, the Blachford line continued until Susannah Blachford married James Tapper on 29/12/1763 at Fontmell Magna, Dorset.

Read the Waterton to Blachford descent here. (1)
This family tree shows the descent from Norman D'Arcie to Eleanor Waterton (b. c. 1605, d. aft 1648) and Richard Blachford (b. 1601, d. 10 Nov 1635). With notes and reference sources included.

Read the Blachford to Tapper descent here. (1)
This family tree shows the descent from John Blachford (b. c. 1522) and Joan Biele (b. bf. 1525) to Susannah Blachford (b. 05 Sep 1744, d. 20 May 1817) and James Tapper (b. 1742, d. 01 Mar 1808). With notes and reference sources included.

Comparison of the line of descent from Richard de Waterton and Juliana to Sir Robert Waterton and Muriel Leeke
There are some differences between the information derived from J.W. Walker and David Waterton-Anderson, click here to read.


1. Charts courtesy of Mark Wareham (a Waterton descendant).
A word about dates.... (Gregorian & Julian Calendars).

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