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Edmund Waterton's Collection of Rings
at Wakefield Museum, 2016.

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■ Find out more about Edmund's collection, and, of course, Squire Charles Waterton's extraordinary world at Wakefield Museum. (Link accessed 10th February 2016.)

Papal ring, Edmund Waterton's Collection.One of the rings on display in the museum.

Papal Ring, 15th century. Gilt bronze and green paste. The pope's couriers wore these rings to prove their identity. The rings were large enough to be worn over riding gloves but not valuable enough, perhaps, to be of interest to thieves that might be encountered whilst the couriers were engaged upon the pope's business..

General view of part of Edmund Waterton's Ring Collection.A general view of part of the display in Wakefield Museum.

To see more, visit the museum itself.

Edmund Waterton's ring cabinet.Edmund's ring cabinet, 1860. It is inscribed "Dactyliotheca", dactyl is Greek for finger or toe.

His unfinished catalogue Dactyliotheca Watertoniana is held by the British Art Library.

The name means "a case of rings belonging to Waterton".

■ Read the article about Edmund's collection of rings in the Illustrated London News 17 Jan 1863.