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Mary Joyce - The Faithful Servant
Click image to enlarge. The Final Resting Place of a Faithful Servant of Charles Waterton
at the Parsh Church of St. Helen, Sandal Magna.

Plot 77, Inscription:
Sacred to the Memory of MARY JOYCE
formerly a faithful servant to
of Walton Hall,
who departed this life the 4th day of July 1851
Aged 66 years.

Click image to enlarge.The grave of Mary Joyce is situated in a quiet corner of the churchyard, somewhat overgrown and peaceful.

Click image to enlarge.St. Helen's Church, Sandal Magna.

Find out more about the burials at St. Helen's
• St Helen's Church Sandal, Monumental Inscriptions, Vol. 9, Master Index,
compiled by Chris Welch, ISBN 1 904287 17 4,
Volume 1, ISBN 1 904287 09 3.
Published by Wakefield & District Family History Society, 2002.

• See the Burial Plan section on the official web site of St. Helen's Church, Sandal Magna.
[accessed 15 Sep 2017]

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