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Sovereign purse"Mr. Waterton was, during his whole life, anxiously punctual and extremely exact in all his pecuniary transactions, ever having the greatest horror of being in debt.

Indeed, the position of his being indebted to any one, however trifling the amount might be, or without consideration as to its having been recently incurred, was little less than an agonising condition for the Squire to realise. He also disapproved and excessively disliked all paper pecuniary payments, much preferring what he was pleased to call 'solid tin' to a cheque, although it might bear the signature of an intimate friend, or even that of an acknowledged millionaire.

His management, or, in rigid truth, I ought to say, mismanagement of money, in any and every form, was unexceptionally anomalous; and, I trust, without incurring severe or even merited censure, I may add, that it was somewhat savouring of the last rather than of the present century". (1)

Waterton's rent role outside the park was modest, the park itself did not produce any income. He bought additional estates 'with some financial abandon' and he travelled extensively. His apparent financial recklessness, coupled with other family factors such as the presence of the Misses Edmonstone and his relationship with his son Edmund, left the estate financially insufficient for his son who became financially embarrassed and left Yorkshire. The estate was sold and the family home in Walton was lost to the Watertons. (2)

1. Charles Waterton, His Home, Habits & Handiwork, Richard Hobson, M.D., Cantab., Leeds. Published by Whittaker & Company, London, and John Smith, Leeds. 1st edition 1866.
2. Sources include John Goodchild, writing in Worthies of Wakefield, edited by Kate Taylor. Wakefield Historical Publications; First Edition edition (2004).

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