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red circle Waterton of Corringham, Walton, Cawthorne & Penistone 14th & 15th Century Descents
Squire Charles Waterton's branch
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This chart (1) traces the 14th and 15th descents from Richard de Waterton (b. 1320) to Sir Robert Waterton (b. 1478, d. 26 Feb 1540/41), Lord of the Manors of Walton, Cawthorne & Burn, Yorkshire, and Corringham, Lincolnshire.

During this period, John de Waterton married Katherine de Burgh and their son Richard de Waterton married Constance Assenhull, the daughter and heiress of Sir William Assenhull (formerly known as William Harpenden) and his wife Joan de Burgh, the daughter and an heiress of Sir John de Burgh. Joan was the sister of Katherine, who had married John de Waterton, father of this Richard. It was as a consequence of the marriage of Richard de Waterton and Constance Assenhull that the Watertons acquired large estates, including Walton.(2)

It is from this branch of the Waterton family that Charles Waterton (the Squire) was descended.

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1. Chart courtesy of David Alexander Richard Waterton-Anderson, 2004.
2. Based upon information supplied by David Alexander Richard Waterton-Anderson, 2004.


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