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Walton Hall - East Gate


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The East Gate viewed from just outside the wall. It can be reached by public footpaths through Walton Park and from Shay Lane near Goldwing Farm. (Public Rights of Way 3 and 18, Walton).
[October 2000]

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View towards Hare Park. Once there was a track or lane leading to Hare Park used by the Squire when visiting friends in Crofton.
[October 2000]

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View towards Hare Park from the East Gate. Waterton would use this gate to visit friends in nearby Crofton. The lane or track that used to head towards Hare Park has now gone and the public footpath that once ran through Hare Park from Hare Park Junction was diverted some time ago, leaving Hare Park in splendid isolation. However, HS2 might liven up that area a little.

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The East Gate in snow.
[February 2012]

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Heading eastwards, the public footpath leading towards the East Gate.
[May 2014]

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Walton Hall, East Gate.
Heading southwards, the public footpath no. 3, heading towards Anglers Country Park.

[April 2011]

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Stubbs Wood Public Footpath Sign
Two public rights of way cross Waterton Park, these are:
Footpath 17 from The Balk, along the former 'Avenue', over Walton Hall Canal Bridge, along the side of the golf course, behind Brockswood Court, across the golf course toward the woods by the lake, then through the woods on the north shore of the lake, turning northward to meet footpath no. 3 at the stile in the East Wall.
Footpath 18 from its junction with footpath 17 just north of the car park at Walton Hall, across the golf course to the East Gate and Footpath No. 3 - HILLY FIELDS (Shay Lane, B6378, Drain Beck Bridge to Wintersett Parish Boundary, another Drain Beck Bridge)


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