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No more wine.One day, when I was in the class of poetry, and which was about two years before I left the college [Stonyhurst] for good and all, he [Father Clifford] called me up to his room. "Charles," he said to me in a tone of voice perfectly irresistible, "I have long been studying your disposition, and I clearly foresee that nothing will keep you at home. You will journey into far distant countries, where you will be exposed to many dangers. There is only one way for you to escape them. Promise me that, from this day forward, you will never put your lips to wine, or to spirituous liquors. The sacrifice is nothing," added he, "but, in the end, it will prove of incalculable advantage to you." I agreed to his enlightened proposal; and, from that hour to this, which is now about nine and thirty years, I have never swallowed one glass of any kind of wine, or of ardent spirits.
Charles Waterton, Walton Hall, 30/12/1837 (from his autobiography).

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The English Flag - The Cross of St George. Part of our English Heritage. Walton Hall is included on
Images of England
Date listed: 11 April 1973. Date of last amendment: 11 April 1973 Grade II*

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