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Walton Hall - The Park Picture Gallery PAGE 2
Waterton Park (formerly Walton Park)
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Click here to read more about Boulby's magnificent creation.Much of Walton Park is now given over to the Waterton Park Golf Course but there are still some relatively wild areas within the park's walls, and the golf course itself is visually pleasing.

One of the interesting features on the island is the sundial by George Boulby. It is now a little worn and battered, with some parts missing; nevertheless, it is still a remarkable piece of work by a local lad.

Charles Waterton's physician and long time friend, Dr. Richard Hobson, tells the story, in his own inimitable style, of how the sundial came to Walton Hall. Never frightened of using ten words where one might do, Hobson, nevertheless, rightly does justice to the work of this stonemason. Read more about the Boulby Sundial here.
[6th April 2009]

Click to enlargeChristmas Eve 2009 on the lake. Ducks treading on thin ice.

One day when the ducks were alighting on the ice, Waterton said to me, "Look at the way the wild duck settle on the ice. They sail around, and come close to it, and you think they are going to settle, but no! they take another round, and then another. You think each time that they are going to end their flight, and each time you are disappointed. It always reminds me of a preacher in church. You think he has done his sermon, but no! he goes on with renewed vigour for another period. As you never know when the ducks will alight, so you can never tell when he will end."
Life of the Author by Norman More from Essays on Natural History by Charles Waterton)

Click to enlargeThe cast-iron footbridge that links Walton Hall's island to the mainland.

"The originl approach, by the old swivel-bridge, to the island, from the park, has been superseded by Mr. Waterton having thrown a fixed and substantial, yet ligt-looking cast-iron bridge over a narrow portion of the lake, which is probably about thirty yards in length, and affords a most convenient communication from the park to the mansion, whilst it forms an ornamental object in the scenery."
Charles Waterton, His Home Habits and Handiwork. Richard Hobson, 2nd edition, 1867. Whittaker & Co.; Simpkin Marshall & Co., London. H.W. Walker and John Smith, Leeds.

More about the iron bridge bridge here.

Click to enlargeThe Water Gate, the only surviving part of the original crenellated building. This is a Grade II listed building.
Photographed 17th March 2009. More information at Images of England, IoE Number: 342352

Click to enlargeOne of the gate piers at the entrance to the car park. Probably early C19. It has a carved frieze decorated with linked circles (similar to the gate piers at Walton Hall Bridge over the canal). The pier is surmounted by a base for a ball finial (now gone). This is Grade II listed.
Photographed 2nd February 2002.

For more pictures, click here.

Find out more on Images of England, IoE Number: 342350 Location: GATE PIERS AT ENTRANCE TO CAR PARK IN FRONT OF WALTON HALL.

Click to enlargeA public footpath across the golf course can be found at the end of the car park at the side of the hotel annexe near the trout fishing hut.
Photographed 4th November 2001.
Footpath no. 18 (Walton) leads towards the East Gate, after a short distance. It crosses footpath no. 17 (Walton) which passes around the back of Brockswood Court, near the Grotto, and, in the other direction, heads towards the woods by the lake.

Click here to see more about the East Gate.The East Gate. It can be reached by public footpaths through Walton Park and from Shay Lane near Goldwing Farm.
Click on the image for more about the East Gate.
For more about the wall click here.
For more about the East Gate click here [October 2000]


Stubbs Wood Public Footpath Sign
Two public rights of way cross Waterton Park, these are:
Footpath 17 from The Balk, along the former 'Avenue', over Walton Hall Canal Bridge, along the side of the golf course, behind Brockswood Court, across the golf course toward the woods by the lake, then through the woods on the north shore of the lake, turning northward to meet footpath no. 3 at the stile in the East Wall.
Footpath 18 from its junction with footpath 17 just north of the car park at Walton Hall, across the golf course to the East Gate and footpath no. 3.

click here.


Discover the Waterton Trail
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for a map of the trail.

Click to enlarge
A hoverfly on Wild Angelica, 1st June 2010.

Click to enlarge
Peacock butterfly (Inachis io), Stubbs Piece (or Wood), Walton Park, 9th April 2011.

Click to enlarge
Orange-tip butterfly (Anthocaris cardamines), Stubbs Piece (or Wood), Walton Park, 7th April 2011.

Click to enlarge
The Seven-spot Ladybird (Coccinella septempunctata), friend of the gardener and foe of the aphid, Walton Park, 9th April 2011.

Click to enlarge
Two-spot Ladybird, melanic form, i.e. dark (Adalia punctata), Overtown area, Walton, 9th April 2011.

Click to enlarge
Small Tortoiseshell butterfly (Aglais urticae), Walton Park, 9th April 2011.

Click to enlarge
Gatekeeper butterfly (male) and Soldier beetles.
[22 Jul 2011]

Click to enlarge
Gatekeeper butterfly (male).
[22 Jul 2011]

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