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Walton Hall - The Park Picture Gallery PAGE 4
Waterton Park (formerly Walton Park)
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Click to enlarge Black fungus, King Alfred's Cakes
(Daldinia concentrica), in Stubbs Wood.
[3rd February 2014]

The legend of the burnt cakes
In May 878 AD, Alfred rode to 'Egbert's Stone' east of Selwood, where he was met by "all the people of Somerset and of Wiltshire and of that part of Hampshire which is on this side of the sea and they rejoiced to see him." (Anglo – Saxon Chronicle).

Together they defeated an invading Danish army that occupied most of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex.

Legend has it, that it was during this period (878 AD) that King Alfred was given shelter by a peasant woman on the Somerset Levels and Moors. Unaware of his identity, she left him to watch some cakes that were baking on the fire. Unsurprisingly, Alfred was somewhat preoccupied with the problems of his kingdom, and he accidentally let the cakes burn. When the woman returned, Alfred was taken to task by her. However, when she realised who he was, the woman apologised profusely, but Alfred insisted that he was the one who needed to apologise.

King Alfred the Great, Winchester.A short diversion out of Yorkshire:
More about the man who burnt the cakes

The statue of King Alfred the Great in Winchester, the ancient capital of Wessex and England.
King Alfred was King of Wessex from 871 to 899. He was the only English King to be given status of 'The Great'.

By 886, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, "All the English peoples acknowledged Alfred as their king except those who were still under the rule of the Danes in the North and the East".


Stubbs Wood Public Footpath Sign
Two public rights of way cross Waterton Park, these are:
Footpath 17 from The Balk, along the former 'Avenue', over Walton Hall Canal Bridge, along the side of the golf course, behind Brockswood Court, across the golf course toward the woods by the lake, then through the woods on the north shore of the lake, turning northward to meet footpath no. 3 at the stile in the East Wall.
Footpath 18 from its junction with footpath 17 just north of the car park at Walton Hall, across the golf course to the East Gate and footpath no. 3.

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Discover the Waterton Trail
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