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This map shows the area to the east of Brooklands Estate and south of Shay Lane. No mention is made of Brook Farm, and Thorntree Hill is shown as Wheatley Hill.
Ordnance Survey 1854

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This map covers the area from the north-east corner of Walton Park (south of Brook Farm) to Stubbs Field and Haw Park.
Ordnance Survey 1854
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This page covers the area around Brook Farm.
The Hilly Fields & Stubbs Field page covers the area southwards across rolling farmland to Stubbs Field and Haw Park Lane.

The Brook Farm area is bordered by Shay Lane to the north, Drain Beck at Brooklands and a section of Waterton's Wall climbing the hill from Drain Beck towards Thorntree Hill. The East Coast Mainline and the parish boundary are to the east.

The following footpaths pass through this area, using the names applied to this area when Walton's Public Rights of Way were described by the parish council in 1996:

(Shay Lane, B6378, Drain Beck Bridge to Wintersett Parish Boundary, Drain Beck Bridge.
(Eastern side of Haw Park Wood - Haw Park Lane Path No. 12).
■ PATH No. 18 - WALTON HALL EAST GATE. (Walton Hall to the East Gate)

There are more pictures of Brook Farm and Thorntree Hill on the first page in this section, click here.

The proposed HS2 High Speed Train route affects this area, go to the HS2 Section for more details.

The maps show the area as depicted on the Ordnance Survey Map 1854.

The railway is the Great Northern and Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway (West Riding and Grimsby Section), nowadays the East Coast Main Line from Wakefield to Doncaster.

Thorntree Hill is shown as Wheatley Hill and there is a Stubbed Farm House alongside Waterton's Wall near the the area now known as Stubbs Wood. In recent years, Walton Park is also referred to as Waterton Park.

Click to enlargeFarmland adjacent to Drain Beck at Brooklands. The north wall of Walton Park (Waterton Park) is directly in front. A public right of way* crosses this field towards the corner of the wall on the left. (*Walton Footpath No.3)
Click to enlargeBrook Farm, with the City of Wakefield in the distance. Walton Footpath No. 3.
Click to enlargeAwaiting re-devlopment of Brook Farm, the farmhouse looking somewhat forlorn. [2015] Click to enlargeDecaying outbuildings at Brook Farm. [2015]
Click to enlargeBrook Farm viewed in the direction of Shay Lane.
[08 April 2011]
Click to enlargeThe lane to Thorntree Farm, showing a view to Thorntree Hill and across to Walton (Waterton) Park. The West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club may soon be occupying the land beyond the hedge, and trains could one day be thundering along the HS2 railway line through a cutting in the hill on their way to and from Leeds, not stopping anywhere near Wakefield as they do so.
[09 Jan 2014]
Click to enlargeView across Brook Farm land towards Brooklands Estate from Shay Lane.
[28th February 2009]
Click to enlargeThorntree Farm, Shay Lane, Walton.
This area, presently providing grazing for the sheep, is the site proposed for the relocation of the West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club from Sandal. [Photographed 10th January 2009]
Click to enlargeFarmland between Brooklands Estate and Brook Farm. Photographed from Walton Public Footpath No. 3.
[09 May 2011]
Click to enlargeThorntree Farm and Thorntree Hill viewed from Shay Lane. This view may eventually be changed by the arrival of the HS2 High Speed Railway and the West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club on the Brook Farm fields..
[09 Jan 2014]

West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club.
Relocation from Sandal to Brook Farm, Shay Lane, Walton.

Planning Application 13/01530/FUL, received by Wakefield MDC on 31st May 2013.
The application proposes a new sports facility comprising: club house and pavilion,
car parking, two bowls pitches, two junior football pitches, six tennis courts
with pavilion, two cricket pitches with score boxes and tea pavilion (southern
pitch only), two senior football pitches, a rugby pitch, a five-a-side football
pitch, cricket nets, groundsman store building, engineering works to provide
wetland area / drainage attenuation, floodlighting, new access from Shay Lane,
landscaping and associated works.

For more information visit the Walton Parish Council website or Wakefield MDC.

Footpaths and Bridleways
For more information about public rights of way in the Wakefield district, visit the official Wakefield website.
Click here for Walton's Public Rights of Way.

Local Development Framework

Local Development Framework
Find out more about the LDF at Wakefield MDC.

Brook Farm

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