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Shay Lane (East), Brooklands, Cherry Tree and Elmwood Estates
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Walton - Eastern Districts

Views in and around the eastern districts of Walton. Shay Lane heads north-east to Crofton, our neighbouring village.

There are a number of residential areas off Shay Lane (B6378): Brooklands, Cherry Tree and Elmwood estates. Beyond Brooklands there are a number of farms and farmland to the east and south including Brook Farm, Thorntree Hill, Hare Park High and Low Woods, Hare Park Wood, and south to Haw Park (Walton) Wood, Stubbs Piece, Anglers Country Park and Walton (Waterton) Park.

A public footpath (Walton No. 3 'Hilly Fields' runs from Shay Lane near Drain Beck Bridge and runs alongside Waterton's Wall to Anglers and Walton Park's East Gate.

• See also Hilly Fields and Stubbs Field.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.

Click to enlargeShay Lane viewed from Walton Locks (site of Soap House or Hightown Bridge). Nine Arches Viaduct is in the distance. 'Elvis' is soon to appear at the social club.
[29 Dec 2016]
Click to enlargeShay Lane at Soap House Yard viewed from the site of High Town Bridge.

[19 Dec 2009]
Click to enlargeShay Lane at Soap House Yard and the site of the former bridge over the canal. High Town Bridge was demolished following the canal abandonment; it had become something of an accident black spot.
[19 Dec 2009]
Click to enlargeShay Lane, viewed towards Cherry Tree from Walton Locks.
Click to enlargeThis old photograph was taken on Shay Lane near what is now Walton Locks. A single-decker bus and a horse and cart are proceeding up the hill towards Hightown Bridge at Soaphouse Yard. The Nine Arches Railway Viaduct is just visible in the distance. The houses on the left hand side of Shay Lane have been joined by others lining the lane and the farmland is now Elmwood Estate. The houses on the right in the distance form part of the Brooklands Estate (shown on this 1932 Ordnance Survey map). Click to enlargeA more recent view of Shay Lane from the site of Soap House (or Hightown) Bridge. No news on the crock of gold. The Trans Pennine Trail joins Shay Lane at this point from the Barnsley Canal route, as indicated by the signs on the left.
[03 Jan 2014]
Click to enlargeWalton Sports and Social Club, Shay Lane. This was the Miners' Welfare in days gone by. The club serves as a community centre and venue for sporting and other events such as line dancing and quiz nights. The houses at Walton Locks are just behind the club. They are built on the old Barnsley Canal route. The club's sports ground is the venue for the village gala.

Click to enlargeTop of the bill!
Some big names are on the posters at Walton Sports and Social Club.
[23 Sep 2014]

Click to enlargeSports ground at the Walton Sports and Social Club in 2012. Click to enlargeIn addition to the 'big name' turns and sports, the club hosts other activities such as the local scooter club (as in Lambretta and the like), archery and martial arts. [2016]
Click to enlargeThis bench at Walton Locks was presented to the parish by Wakefield and Walton Folk Festival.  
Click to enlargeShay Lane towards Elmwood Estate.
[Photographed 2000]
Click to enlargeShay Lane, view westwards from Cherry Tree Avenue towards the Soap House Yard area.
Cherry Tree Estate  
Click to enlargeWalton's Christmas Tree - ready and waiting for the snow and Father Christmas.
[22 Dec 2013]
Click to enlargeJunction of Cherry Tree Road and Cherry Tree Drive.
[July 2000]
Click to enlargeCherry Tree Road.
[October 2000]
Click to enlargeCherry Tree Road, 15 years after the two previous photographs.
Click to enlargeCherry Tree Drive (adjacent to Shay Lane). [July 2000]  
Elmwood Estate  
Click to enlargeElmwood Estate, view towards the Waterways Land. The field of oilseed rape provides a splash of colour.
Click to enlargeElmwood Drive. The Nine Arches Railway Viaduct is in the distance.
Click to enlarge
Elmwood Estate is adjacent to the Waterways Land. For more information, see the Wakefield MDC Local Development Framework, Site Specific Proposals Submission, February 2011.
The above site is shown on the Proposals Map and is allocated as Safeguarded Land (Protected Areas of Search for Long Term Development).

The land off The Grove has the same status. Read about 'PAS'.

Brooklands Estate  
Click to enlargeShay Lane near Brooklands Estate. [19 May 2002] Click to enlargeShay Lane at the Brooklands Road junction.
Click to enlargeBrooklands.
[03 Jan 2014]
Click to enlargeBrooklands and Manor Estates viewed from Thorntree Hill. The church in the centre on the horizon is the Trinity Church, Ossett.
[08 May 2013]
Click to enlarge.Shay Lane by Brooklands, with Cherry Tree Drive in the distance. This is a postcard of a seismic survey taking place in 1986. Click to enlargeShay Lane at Drain Beck Bridge, Brooklands. Drain Beck passes beneath the road just before the houses.
[28th February 2009]
Click to enlargeEntering Walton from Crofton, Shay Lane at Brooklands.
Click to enlargeNine Arches Viaduct. Leaving Walton towards Crofton on Shay Lane (B6378).
[February 1999]
Click to enlargeNine Arches Viaduct. Approaching Walton from Crofton along Shay Lane.
[26 Jun 2003]
Click to enlargeA local Metro train crosses Nine Arches Railway Viaduct - on the eastern boundary of Walton.
[8th May 2004]
Click to enlargeGoldwing Farm, Shay Lane, on the Crofton boundary.
[26 Jun 2009]
Click to enlargeA winter's day, the Nine Arches Railway Viaduct viewed from the Walton Colliery Nature Park.
[22 Dec 2010]
Click to enlargeFor about six weeks during the school summer holidays in July and August 2016, Shay Lane was closed to motor vehicles between Crofton and Walton. This was to enable around 1.3km of underground sewage pipes to be replaced by Yorkshire Water. This particular section involved routing the pipe beneath the railway bridge (the 'tin bridge'). [2016] Click to enlargeThorntree Farm and the 'hilly fields' viewed from Shay Lane. Work on the sewage pipe replacement project had already started in the fields adjacent to Shay Lane when this photograph was taken in February 2016,

Footpaths and Bridleways
For more information about public rights of way in the Wakefield district, visit the official Wakefield website.
Click here for Walton's Public Rights of Way.

Local Development Framework

Local Development Framework
Find out more about the LDF at Wakefield MDC.

Shay Lane (East), Brooklands, Cherry Tree and Elmwood Estates

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