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This map shows the area to the east of Brooklands Estate and south of Shay Lane. No mention is made of Brook Farm, and Thorntree Hill is shown as Wheatley Hill.
Ordnance Survey 1854

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This map covers the area from the north-east corner of Walton Park (south of Brook Farm) to Stubbs Field and Haw Park.
Ordnance Survey 1854
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This page covers the area from the hill above Brook Farm, southwards to Stubbs Field and Haw Park Lane.
For Brook Farm, click here.

It is bordered by Waterton's Wall to the west, and the parish boundary in the east.

The following footpaths pass through this area, using the names applied to this area when Walton's Public Rights of Way were described by the parish council in 1996:

(Shay Lane, B6378, Drain Beck Bridge to Wintersett Parish Boundary, Drain Beck Bridge.
(Eastern side of Haw Park Wood - Haw Park Lane Path No. 12).
■ PATH No. 18 - WALTON HALL EAST GATE. (Walton Hall to the East Gate)

There are more pictures of Brook Farm and Thorntree Hill on the first page in this section, click here.

The proposed HS2 High Speed Train route affects this area, go to the HS2 Section for more details.

The maps show the area as depicted on the Ordnance Survey Map 1854.

The railway is the Great Northern and Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway (West Riding and Grimsby Section), nowadays the East Coast Main Line from Wakefield to Doncaster.

Thorntree Hill is shown as Wheatley Hill and there is a Stubbed Farm House alongside Waterton's Wall near the the area now known as Stubbs Wood. In recent years, Walton Park is also referred to as Waterton Park.

Click to enlarge.Cattle grazing on Thorntree Hill.
[09 Sep 2014]
Click to enlarge.Distant Wakefield viewed from the present peace and tranquility of Thorntree Hill and its surrounding farmland.
[08 May 2013]
Click to enlarge.Thorntree Hill Walton - a pleasant rural scene just a few miles from Wakefield.
[08 May 2013]
Click to enlargeOakenshaw Viaduct and Wakefield from Thorntree Hill.
[08 May 2013]
Click to enlargeDistant Emley Moor Transmitter viewed across the Thorntree Hill area of Walton. The Gallows Hill Transmitter near Woodthorpe is also just visible. The freight train is approaching the junction (left) with the East Coast Mainline.
[17 Nov 2011, Crofton FP No.8, Hare Park Junction area]
Click to enlargeKeeping to the straight and narrow, Walton Footpath No. 3 towards Shay Lane. Waterton's Wall is on the left.
[08 May 2014]
Click to enlargeFootpath connecting Walton Park and Anglers Country Park (Walton FP No. 3 and Wintersett FP No. 1).
[18 Jun 2013]
Click to enlargeBetween Walton Park and Anglers Country Park. The proposed HS2 railway line will pass through here.
[22 Aug 2013]
Click to enlargeHare Park viewed from the golf course.
[29 March 2012]
Click to enlargeThe remains of Waterton's wall in the vicinity of the sites of Stubbs Farm and Willow Garth*.
[03 Mar 2014]
* Small piece of enclosed ground, a northern and western English dialect word, mid-14c., from Old Norse garðr meaning yard, courtyard, or fence. Cognate of Old English geard.

Click to enlargeEntrance to Stubbs Field from Haw Park.
Stubbs (Stubbed) Farmhouse was once near here.
[03 Mar 2014].
■ Stubbed Farm House as shown on the Ordnance Survey 1852-54 map.
■ Stubbs Farm House as shown on the Ordnance Survey 1893-94 map.

Click to enlargeStubbs Field viewed towards Haw Park Lane from Waterton's Wall.
[09 May 2014]
Click to enlargeEntrance to Stubbs Field from Haw Park, view towards the site of Stubbs Farmhouse.
[09 May 2014]
Click to enlargeA wide expanse of farmland between Walton Park and Hare Park.
[03 Jun 2013]
Click to enlargeMore of the "hilly fields" area between Walton Park and Hare Park, viewed from Stubbs Field,
[03 Jun 2013]
Click to enlarge.A cyclist on the Trans Pennine Trail (Haw Park Lane) from Haw Park Woods to Anglers Country Park. Walton's "Hilly Fields" countryside stretches away towards Shay Lane.

Click to enlargeVera and Thumper
Instead of the usual aircraft flying high above to and from distant parts of the world, or heading towards Leeds Bradford Airport, two relics from the past flew over Walton on 7th September 2014.

The Last of the Many
Although 7,377 Lancaster aircraft were produced between 1941 and 1946, only two remain airworthy. One, 'Thumper', a Mk 1 is maintained by the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), and the other, ‘Vera’, named for its identification markings V-RA, a Mk X Lancaster, is maintained by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM).
For more information, and better pictures, visit the Royal Airforce website.

Footpaths and Bridleways
For more information about public rights of way in the Wakefield district, visit the official Wakefield website.
Click here for Walton's Public Rights of Way.

Local Development Framework

Local Development Framework
Find out more about the LDF at Wakefield MDC.

Hilly Fields & Stubbs Field

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