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Walton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
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Walton Districts for the purposes of this site
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Views in and around Lowtown.
(also known as "Low Town" and "Lower Town")

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1. Double-decker travelling beneath the railway bridges in School Lane. The white line in the middle of the road suggests that there is room for two vehicles to pass, but there isn't!.
Photographed May 2000.
Low Town and Manor Estate
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2. Victoria Terrace (aka Spurr's Row) in School Lane looking eastwards from the railway bridge.  This stretch of the lane was formerly known as Station Road. The station, off to the right of the picture, was closed in the 1960s. The butcher's shop used to be on the right at the near end of Victoria Terrace.
■ Simiar scene in 2015.
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3. The Post Office, School Lane.
11th September 2002.

The Post Office closed for business in August 2017.
Visit Post Office Ltd. to find the nearest branch.
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4. School Lane looking to the west with the two railway bridges in the distance. 
Victoria Terrace (Spurr's Row) is on the left with some interesting stone cottages on the right between the hairdresser's (formerly the post office) and the present post office at the far end. Manor Road joins the lane by the hairdresser's.
[9th May 2004]
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5. School Lane, Walton. About turn!
A large lorry skillfully performing a difficult manoeuvre after
the driver discovered that the low bridge sign meant what it said!
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7. The old Walton Junior School, School Lane. For a brief and incomplete school history, click here. Photographed January 2001.
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8. Bridge House Corner, School Lane.  There has always been a sharp bend in the road. Over the years, a number of vehicles have failed to negotiate the corner, mounted the pavement and partially demolished the adjacent stone walls. The junior school site awaits redevelopment.  
More about Bridge House.

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Chatsworth Court, School Lane, Low Town.
View from the play park in the old school field.
Work under way, December 2017.

■ Chatsworth Court, extract from sales information.

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Chatsworth Court.
The sharp bend in the road. Viewed from the old canal bridge.
Work under way, December 2017.

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Chatsworth Court.
Work under way, December 2017.

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Chatsworth Court
Victoria Terrace (Spurr's Row) in the background.
Work under way, December 2017.

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Chatsworth Court.
Work under way, December 2017.

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Chatsworth Court. Ground work under way, December 2017.

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6. Manor Road towards School Lane.
10th May 2008.
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9. Manor House and Bridge House at the sharp bend in School Lane. The snow-covered track is a public footpath over the old Barnsley Canal Lowtown Bridge to the allotments, Waterways Land and Shay Lane at Soap House Yard - more here
[08 Dec 2010]
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10. The Millennium Gate, School Field, a few days before the official opening on 24 June 2000.More ...
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11. The Village Hall. 22nd April 2004.
■ More photographs of the hall and Millennium Gate.
October 2000.  No larger image.
12. An example of one of the lane's 18th century cottages, with all the charm and character that goes with an old stone house. On sale at £47,500. October 2000.
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13. Victoria Terrace, Walton.
24th December 2002.
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14. The Stables, Walton.
24th December 2002.
November 2000.  No larger image.
15. Living in Walton - house prices in October & November 2000. One of the newer houses between the school field and the railway line in The Stables.
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16. School Lane towards the sharp bend at Bridge House and the old junior school before the school was demolished.
[19 Feb 2005]
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17. Sandal and Walton Station, 1910 or later.
Victoria Terrace and the old school are in the background.
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18. Sandal & Walton Station in the 1900s.
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19. Sandal & Walton Station, another look at the now long-gone station.
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20. Sandal & Walton Station. A similar scene to the photograph above; however, this time with railway track maintenance enginers in the foreground.

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21. The station's name was changed to Walton (Yorks.) in the 1950s.
See Station Master, My Lifetime's Railway Service in Yorkshire
Len Bedale, as told to C. T. Goode. 1976, Turntable Publications, Sheffield.

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Walton lost its railway station in the 1960s.
"Oh! Dr. Beeching, what have you done?
There once were lots of trains to catch, but soon there will be none!
I'll have to buy a bike, 'cause I can't afford a car.
Oh! Dr. Beeching! What a naughty man you are!"
Oh, Doctor Beeching!,
a television sitcom by David Croft and Richard Spendlove, 1995 to 1997

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