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WALTON - MANOR ESTATE & The Waterways Land

In former times, Manor Farm was situated just to the north of Lowtown. The farm had been the home of the Matthewman family of farmers for generations. The old farm house fell into disuse and was demolished in the 1960s and the land was sold to make way for Manor Estate. There are still fields to the east across to Elmwood Estate. There is also a playing field (named after H.M. Queen Elizabeth II). Railway lines run to the west and north. The only vehicular access to the estate is via Manor Road from School Lane in Lowtown.

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Wakefield MDC Local Development Framework, Site Specific Proposals
Submission, February 2011
The above site is shown on the Proposals Map and is allocated as Safeguarded Land (Protected Areas of Search for Long Term Development).

The land off The Grove has the same status. Now known as 'Waterton Green', the development is underway (2018).

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Walton near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.