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Grove House Farm

No bull.
Grove House Farm is situated just off the Balk. No longer a working farm, some of the land was sold in the 1990s for development.
One such development is this small small estate in a cul-de-sac off The Balk. Other land became part of the golf driving range belonging to Waterton Park Golf Club.

One large field between The Balk, The Grove and the Trans Pennine Trail (Barnsley Canal route) remained effectively unused, except by ponies.

This land is classified in the Local Development Framework as 'Safeguarded, Protected Areas of Search For Long Term Development (PAS)'.
It is this large field of 4.77 hectares ('Land off The Grove') that has been the subject of development proposals in 2010 and 2011.
Since then, there has been additional planning activity continuing into 2017.
Read more about the proposals here.

The development, now called 'Waterton Green', is underway. (2018).

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View of the Grove House Farm estate towards The Balk,
showing the Grove House Farmhouse.
Castle Terrace is situated between the farmhouse and The Balk,
which is visible in the distance.
[11th August 2011]

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The former farmhouse is now part of this small estate.
[11th August 2011]

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The Grove House Farm estate viewed from the golf club's track off The Balk.
The field is part of the 'Land off the Grove' development.
The track itself will be used for temporary access for construction vehicles.
[28 Aug 2011]
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Grove House Farm cul-de-sac.
High Meadows, another estate on former farm land, is to the left.
To the right, behind the houses, is more of the former farmland, access to which is via The Grove.
[11th August 2011]

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Walton near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.