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Walton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
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Walton Districts for the purposes of this site
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Middle Walton, Shay Lane (West)

Middle Walton, also known as Middle Town.

No thoroughfares up here!

The area between Lower Town and Overtown, the boundaries are a little indistinct now, as there has been much housebuilding over the years.
Views in and around the central and western stretches of Shay Lane in Walton.
More pictures on page 2.

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A group of ponies having a stroll through Walton.
[12 Apr 2015]
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The Yorkshire Air Ambulance makes a brief landing at Walton Primary Academy. (Visit YAA website)
[12 Feb 2014]
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Grove House, The Balk, viewed from Shay Lane.
The house may have been built around the 1830s, or perhaps parts date back to the late 18th century.
Henry Clarkson, the railway surveyor,
(see Walton - A Brief History),
had an office attached to farm buildings
standing on the site of Grove House. (1).
[29 Oct 2011]
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Shay Lane at its junction with The Balk, looking  past the War Memorial in the direction of the Methodist Church & New Inn. More about the Memorial.
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The Balk, junction with Shay Lane, towards Priory Square.
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Commemorative plaque for Squire Charles Waterton. Junction of The Balk and Shay Lane.

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Priory Square from Shay Lane. The square once housed the village's first butcher's shop, opened by Edwin Spurr in 1847. On the right of the entrance, another building, now partially demolished, housed a grocer's shop.
The restoration of the square won a Wakefield Design Award in 1994.

Priory Square seems to have acquired its name from a priory located in the village in medieval times.

Some of the cottages are thought to be mid-18th century and the house earlier. The origins of the Square have been traced back to circa 1210.
Read more.

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Priory Square, viewed towards Shay Lane.
An attractive corner of the village with some fine old stone cottages.

Some of the buildings are Grade II listed. See Images of England,
IoE Number: 342346,

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This is the butcher's shop referred to above. It was at the left-hand corner turning into Priory Square. Later, the building was used as a coal place by Mr. Mace.
■ See The Spurrs.
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Entrance to the square from Shay Lane.
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Entrance to the square from Shay Lane, viewed towards the junction with School Lane.
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Moving on a little from Priory Square, view towards the junction of Shay Lane with The Balk and School Lane.
The building was once the post office.
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Woodfield Park - Welcome.
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The Woodfield Park Estate.

Woodfield Park Estate, formerly the grounds of Walton Grange, is off Shay Lane near its western end, and is situated between the Lakeland Way area and the old Midland Railway line.
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A Pacer diesel train passing to the west of Woodfield Park, Walton.
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Woodfield Park with the dreaming spires of Wakefield in the background.
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Woodfield Park and Lakeland Way estates viewed from Gallows Hill. The old Balk Quarry is amongst the trees at the top right.
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Walton Grange, an 1860's Victorian house, now two dwellings at the corner of Woodfield Park Drive on Shay Lane.
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The western end of Shay Lane with the former lodge for Walton Grange.

In its time, Walton Grange was home to several wealthy entrepreneurs commencing with Charles Clay. His mother was the daughter of John Coldwell, a successful farmer on the Waterton estate.

In the 1970s the gardens and estate became the housing estate Woodfield Park. Read "Tycoons at home at the Grange" in Wakefield District Heritage Vol II, compiled by Kate Taylor. Photograph: unknown date.

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Shay Lane, photographed from the railway bridge towards Woodfield Park and Walton Grange. That particular road closure did not occur, but just wait...
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Shay Lane school field, situated between the Balk and the Grove. The field belongs to the academy.
Work on the new primary academy commenced in April 2006 and was completed in 2007. The houses are in The Grove.
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The New Inn, Shay Lane, Walton. The only pub in the village. Since this photograph was taken in 2008, the pub has been refurbished, find out more here.
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Walton Library on its new site. It shares the same building complex as Walton Primary Academy.
Photographed 2008.
More about the library (click here).
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The Methodist Church, view towards the New Inn, Shay Lane.
Photgraphed 8th April 2011.

More pictures here.
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Orchard Croft, a cul-de-sac off School Lane between Middle Walton and Lower Town.
© John S. Sargent 21st February 2010.
St. Paul's Church, The Balk, Walton.  Photographed 28 Dec 2002 by John S. Sargent
St. Paul's Church, The Balk, Walton.
Photographed 28 Dec 2002 by John S. Sargent
More pictures here.
1. Memories of Merry Wakefield by Henry Clarkson, 2nd. edition, 1889.

Books about Walton, Charles Waterton, Guyana, and more!
See a selection of
books about Walton,
Charles Waterton,
Guyana and more.
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(Offered for sale by

The HOW Project

A History of Walton, Peter Wright
A History of Walton,
Peter Wright

A Pictorial History of Walton, Alan Bowers
A Pictorial History of Walton, Wakefield.
Alan Bowers

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The Walton Millennium CD.
If you can track down a copy, it contains photographs and other titbits relating to the village.

Walton in 1971
Walton in 1971
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