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Click to enlargeThe Calder Wetlands (or Calder Lagoons)

The Calder Wetlands is an area to the east of the M1 motorway at Junction 39, north of Denby Dale Road (A636) and south of the River Calder (Calder & Hebble Navigation).

This area was formerly farmland and then excavated for sand and gravel, hence the two big lakes (the Calder Lagoons) that now exist on the site. Now it is part wetlands (the two lakes or lagoons) and part business estate, with a hotel and two conveniently located pubs - the Red Kite and the Swan & Cygnet.

Pugneys Country Park is situated at the Wakefield end of the Wetlands just across Denby Dale Road (A636), opposite the Swan & Cygnet. Overlooking the scene is what remains of the Yorkist Sandal Castle.

The farmland was once occupied by three farms: Boat House, Greenfield and Grange. I can recall 'PYO' strawberries in the fields there in the eighties or nineties.

Click to enlargeThis is the western lagoon, i.e. nearest the M1 motorway (Jn 39). The River Calder is to the north.
© John S. Sargent 27th May 2010.
Click to enlargeThis is the eastern lagoon, i.e. nearest to Pugneys and the Swan & Cygnet pub. The row of houses is at a right angle to Denby Dale Road (A636). To the left of the houses, can be seen the 'Black Ash' refuse tip from the former Hodgson & Simpson soap works on Calder Island, Thornes. Behind the man-made hill lies the River Calder and beyond that Thornes Cut of the Calder & Hebble Navigation, separated from the river by a thin spit of land that is part of Calder Island.
© John S. Sargent 27th May 2010.

More about Hodgson & Simpson.

Click to enlarge A closer view of Black Ash refuse heap left over from the Hodgson and Simpson Soap works. Now more of a mottled grey/brown colour, Black Ash runs for some distance from Denby Dale Road towards the western tip of Calder Island. It is situated between the footpath* and the south bank of the River Calder. The eastern lagoon of the Calder Wetlands is in the foreground.
(* Crigglestone Bridleway No. 1).
© John S. Sargent 26th May 2010.

More about Hodgson & Simpson.

Footpaths and Bridleways
For more information about public rights of way in the Wakefield district, visit the official Wakefield website.
Click here for Walton's Public Rights of Way.

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