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More about canal reservoirs
Barnsley Canal Reservoirs

Cold Hiendley Reservoir was constructed to increase the reserves of water available to the Barnsley Canal already provided by the adjacent Wintersett Reservoir.
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Near the dam separating Cold Hiendley and Wintersett Reservoirs.
5th July 2013.
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The HS2 route was orinally planned to cross the reservoir here.
An artist's impression of the HS2 High Speed Train
crossing Cold Hiendley Reservoir.
To the left, Haw Park Wood, Walton (Waterton) Park,
Stubbs Wood, Stubbs Field and Thorntree Hill
were also in its path.
Wintersett Reservoir and Anglers Country Park are close by.
The proposed route has now been moved further towards Crofton.
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A grey heron at the spot where the proposed HS2 route was originally planned to cross the reservoir.
[02 Jun 2014]
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A family of swans enjoying a bit of preening.
20th August 2010.
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View across the reservoir towards Cold Hiendley hamlet.
27th July 2010.
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A winter scene at the reservoir.
8th December 2010.
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View towards Ryhill from The Trans Pennine Trail. Reedmace in abundance.
[20 Oct 2011]
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View westwards across Cold Hiendley Reservoir from the dam separating it from Wintersett Reservoir.
In the far distance, the Emley Moor Transmitter is just visible at some 15km or so, as the crow flies, from the point that the picture was taken.
16th September 2011.
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View eastwards across Cold Hiendley reservoir towards the dam separating it from Wintersett Reservoir.
16th June 2010
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View of Cold Hiendley Reservoir from the east showing the feed from Wintersett Reservoir. Photographed from the dam separating the reservoirs.
6th May 2010.
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View of Cold Hiendley Reservoir towards the east, from the Trans Pennine Trail.
16th June 2010.
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Cold Hiendley Reservoir showing the dam and overflow outlet to Haw Park Beck. Further along, another outlet feeds the same beck.
16th June 2010.
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Haw Park Wood viewed from the south bank of the reservoir.
5th October 2010
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Bleak mid-winter at the reservoir.
29th December 2010
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Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus).
Photographed 17 Apr 2011.
2008 Award Winner
2008 Green Flag Award Winner

Visit Friends of Haw Park Wood
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Friends of Haw Park Wood
at Wakefield District Community Online.

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