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Click to enlargeHaw Park Wood (sometimes called 'Walton Wood') is in the Civil Parish of Walton immediately south of, and adjacent to, Walton Park (Waterton Park). To the west, the Trans Pennine Trail follows the Barnsley Canal route northwards to Walton Village. To the south is Cold Hiendley Reservoir with the Trans Pennine Trail continuing to follow the course of the Barnsley Canal towards Old Royston. To the east, a spur of the Trans Pennine Trail leads to Anglers Country Park passing by Wintersett Reservoir. Refreshments are available at Anglers Country Park, the New Inn, Walton, and Waterton Park Hotel at Walton Hall.

The woods cover 73 hectares (about 180.4 acres). In the distant past, it was part of the much larger Don Forest. This area of woodland has changed greatly over the past 100 years. Much of it was dominated by conifers, used to produce pit props. The pits have gone but the conifers are still there but have now been joined by areas of broadleaved trees. In 1981 Haw Park Wood was designated as a Site of Scientific Interest (SSI) because of its diverse habitat. In 1992 it was designated a Local Nature Reserve.

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View from Walton Footpath 10 (Sike Lane), by Walton Hall estate boundary wall, towards FP 13 (Haw Park Wood).
Haw Park Wood is to the left and the Barnsley Canal over the brow of the hill.
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Sunlight filtering through the trees on a bright September day.
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More September sunshine in the woods.
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Haw Park Woods (or Wood) at Clay Royd Bridge over the Barnsley Canal.
© John S. Sargent 6th May 2009.
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Artistry in the woods. The Owl Bench at Five Ways Clearing.
© John S. Sargent 10th June 2008.
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T'wit T'woo, click me to unsquash me!
© John S. Sargent 6th August 2010.
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This track - Haw Park Lane, runs along the length of the wall that forms the boundary with Walton Park.
© John S. Sargent October 2000.
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Haw Park Woods on a pleasant day in June.
© John S. Sargent 10th June 2008.
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The Common Foxglove of the woods (Digitalis purpurea). Also has a number of other interesting names: Witches' Gloves, Dead Men's Bells, Fairy's Glove, Gloves of Our Lady, Bloody Fingers, Virgin's Glove, Fairy Caps, Folk's Glove, Fairy Thimbles.
© John S. Sargent 4th July 2010.
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Plenty of signs and waymarkers have been provided by the Wakefield Countryside Service.
© John S. Sargent 10th June 2008.
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A view of the woods from Cold Hiendley Reservoir. The reservoir was built to supply water to the Barnsley Canal.
© John S. Sargent 10th June 2008.
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Foxglove - close-up. Magnificent to look at and very common in gardens and elsewhere, but treat with respect! The entire plant is poisonous (including the roots and seeds), although the leaves of the upper stem are particularly potent, with just a nibble being enough to potentially cause death. In the right hands, it also has medicinal uses.
© John S. Sargent 27th May 2002.
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Haw Park Woods viewed from the track above Stoneheaps Cutting. The boundary wall of Walton Park is on the left, the Trans Pennine Trail (Horse Route) is to the right..
© John S. Sargent October 2000.
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Another interesting creation by the woodland carver.
Photograph © John S. Sargent 15th May 2004.
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Bracket fungus on a young silver birch tree.
© John S. Sargent 18th September 2010
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Autumn in the woods.
© John S. Sargent 04 Nov 2010
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The ever wary Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) in flight on the edge of the woods near Cold Hiendley Reservoir.
16th June 2010.
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A view from the edge of Haw Park towards Ryhill. Cold Hiendley Reservoir is close by. The large bird is a Grey Heron (see preceding picture).
16th June 2010.
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View from the north western edge of Haw Park towards the Barnsley Canal (the first line of trees).
20th December 2010.
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The old shaft for Haw Park Pit. This shaft was used for pit ponies.
[15 Mar 2003]
Dog in the woods
At first sight, a dog's head, a piece of natural art, perhaps.
[05 Nov 2013]
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Public footpath on the outskirts of Haw Park Wood, Walton. Photographed from the Trans Pennine Trail between the woods and Anglers Country Park. View towards Stubbs Wood or Piece.
Perhaps the view will change if the High Speed Train HS2 line gets built.
[03 Jun 2013]
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All quiet in the woods. A bit of colour provided by a foxglove, many of which grow here.
[04 Jul 2013]

2008 Award Winner
2008 and 2009/10 Green Flag Award Winner.
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