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A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children.
John James Audobon

Pit to Park

The gallery contains photographs of the nature park taken over a decade and more.

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Spike Lake, Walton Colliery Nature Park.
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The Anglers' Lake, WCNP.
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The Barnsley Canal in the nature park. This stretch is used by Walton Angling Club. Stables are located nearby and there are marked horse trails in the park.
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Cormorants. They excel at fishing; this sometimes results in them being persecuted.
[19 Nov 2011]
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Goldwing Egg Farm and Thorntree Hill viewed from the nature park.
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A wealth of wild flowers.
[18 Aug 2010]
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Sunset at the nature park in November.
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Canada Geese with their young. Spike Lake.
© John S. Sargent 24th May 2010.
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In 2010 .... The central wildlife lake, looking towards Oakenshaw Viaduct. A dramatic change to the scene shown in the next picture.
© John S. Sargent 2010.
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Back in 2002 ....
The same lake viewed from the top of one of the spoil heaps - from slag heap to nature park.
© John S. Sargent 8th September 2002.
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Another old view, 2000 - Spike Lake and Oakenshaw Viaduct towards the north-west Photographed from the south of the lake on the southern hill.
© John S. Sargent 2nd September 2000.
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The Spike Monument and Henry Daley Memorial Garden. Click here for more pictures.
[21 Jul 2011]
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A lapwing in the nature park. Also known as the peewit in imitation of its display calls, its proper name describes its wavering flight. Found on farmland and wading in the lakes in and around the village.
(L. Vanellus vanellus)

[13th May 2004]
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Mallards gathering for titbits on a crisp Christmas Eve. The ubiquitous mallard is the most common duck in Britain and the most widespread, so you have a chance of seeing it just about anywhere where there is suitable wetland habitat, even in urban areas (L. Anas platyrhynchos)
[24 Dec 2010]
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View towards the main line with Walton Sports and Social Club and Walton Locks visible behind the train.
© John S. Sargent 8th September 2002.
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Woodyard Cottages and Chevet Terrace viewed from the nature park.
© John S. Sargent 2nd January 2009.

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The Barnsley Canal in the nature park, it ends just before Oakenshaw Viaduct. This stretch is used by anglers.
© John S. Sargent 13th May 2004.
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Geese and ducks feeding - with the geese doing a bit of squabbling as well.
© John S. Sargent 17th February 2006.
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Common Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum).
[21 Jul 2011]
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Swans at the nature park.
© John S. Sargent 17th November 2005.
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A bright but cold December day in the park.
Photographed 6th December 2010.
Drain Beck, from Walton Park, and Oakenshaw Beck, from Crofton, flow into the nature park - an area much disturbed by the sewage works, mining and subsequent landscaping when the park was created. Although the Barnsley Canal stops short of Oakenshaw Viaduct, the water from Oakenshaw Beck continues towards Agbrigg and the River Calder. On the western side of Oakenshaw Lane, i.e. towards Agbrigg, Oakenshaw Beck is joined by Bull Bridge Dike (from Walton Green - 'Greenside').
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