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Click on the images below to enlarge.
Click to enlargeThe Fish Tail with the Woodyard Cottages area in the background.
© John S. Sargent 2nd January 2009.
Click to enlargeDogs enjoying the water.
© John S. Sargent 1998.
Click to enlargeFrozen lake - obviously dangerous to try to walk on the ice.
© John S. Sargent 13th January 2010.
Click to enlargeView towards Oakenshaw Lane across the central lake.
© John S. Sargent 1st November 2005.
Click to enlargeThe National Cycle Network fishtail waymarker showing the area as it was in 2000.
© John S. Sargent October 2000.
Click to enlargeView of Nine Arches Viaduct.
© John S. Sargent 9th May 2005.
Click to enlargeIn the bleak mid-winter a frozen lake.
© John S. Sargent 13th January 2010.
Click to enlarge The track on the Crofton side of the nature park.
© John S. Sargent 12th May 2005.
Click to enlargeLos Roques at the park.

© John S. Sargent 21st March 2008.
Click to enlargeCanada goose, coots and mallards.
© John S. Sargent 2006.
Click to enlargeGulls are frequent visitors to the nature park.
© John S. Sargent 13th November 2005.>
Click to enlargeTreading on thin ice, a crow doing what crows do a long way from the shore. Unless you are a crow this type of tippy-toeing may not be a good idea. If you are a crow, then walking on ice is a possibility.
© John S. Sargent 13th January 2010.
Click to enlargeSwans, ducks, gulls, geese and coots eagerly awaiting the arrival of some kind person to feed them.
© John S. Sargent 30th November 2005.
Click to enlargeA small beck near the Shay Lane entrance of the nature park.
© John S. Sargent 16th August 2006.
Click to enlargeRest for weary walkers was provided by this bench on the northern side of Spike Lake. Sadly, the bench was vandalised and is no longer there. It is easier to destroy than to build. The railway line to Hare Park Junction is visible in the background.
© John S. Sargent 2002.
Click to enlargeA reminder that this was once a slagheap. Things have changed since this photograph was taken. This is a view towards the south-west, across the central lake, most of Walton is to the left of the picture. This view shows Manor Estate and, beyond, is Sandal. The Trans Pennine Trail runs in a more or less straight line across the picture on the far bank of the lake. Woodyard Cottages are off to the right. The main line railway embankment is obscured by the line of trees running across the picture.
© John S. Sargent 2000.
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