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Interactive map of Walton Colliery Nature Park
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Walton Colliery (Sharlston West).
Taken from the 1:10560 Geological Survey Map, 2nd Edition, 1930s.
Map data, approximate location: The Pits - No. 1 (Stanley Main to bottom) and No. 3 (Surface to Stanley Main) were at Latitude. 53° 39' 30" N., Longitude 1° 27' 20" W (National Grid SE 36080 18119). [1]

Part of this map is overlayed on a modern (2010) satellite view of the site in the next map.

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This map attempts to portray the the transformation of the area from a large industrial site to its present incarnation as a nature park. Apart from the the spoil still visible on some parts of the old slag heaps, there is little evidence of just how much of the site formed part of the mine workings. There were numerous sidings and mine buildings, as well as Ings Cottages (the Spike or Spike Island). There was a railway line, now occupied by the Trans Pennine Trail, from the present East Coast main line between the western Anglers Lake and the central wildfowl lake. The main buildings and railway tracks were between the central lake and the northern Spike Lake. One of the present main footpaths runs through the centre of the site with another passing to the south of Spike Lake towards Ings Cottages.
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The colliery circa 1978, showing Winders Nos. 1 & 2 and the shaft top area. (John Goodchild)

Going down ... and coming back up!
See the timetable.

Map circa 1850
Before it was a coalmine, the area was farmland. Ordnance Survey, circa 1850.
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Ordnance Survey map of the colliery area in 1987. The nature park had not yet taken shape.
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Midland Railway Distance Diagram of railway lines in the area around the colliery in 1900s.

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A flavour of the coal measures, faults and other geological features of the Walton area.
Extract from the Geological Survey of England & Wales, published in 1940, with original survey data from the 19th century, re-surveyed in 1929 - 1934, This edition is a 1950 reprint.

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Plan of Walton Colliery (then 'Sharlston West') circa the modernisation of 1923.

Download a PDF version of the plan.

(Courtesy Nick Lyons)

1. Map location data based upon Sections of Strata of the Coal Measures of Yorkshire, compiled by W.H. Wilcockson, 3rd edition, University of Sheffield, 1950.


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