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Some early views of Walton Colliery (then known as Sharlston West).

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Sharlston West Colliery,
Colliery Engineering,
November 1926.
Courtesy Nick Lyons.

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Sharlston West Colliery,
Colliery Engineering,
November 1926.
Courtesy Nick Lyons.
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The industrial past: in the early decades of the 20th century, a barge approaches the Oakenshaw Railway Viaduct with Sharlston West Pit visible through the arches.
Sharlston West Colliery Check
Sharlston West Pit Check
(before it became Walton Colliery)

Going down ... and coming back up!
Times for the lowering and raising of workmen at Sharlston West (Walton Colliery) and Haw Park Pit are described in this publication, Coal Mines Act 1911, The Abstract, General Regulations, Explosives in Coal Mine Order, Eight Hours Act Regulations, and Byrlaws to be Observed at New Sharlston Colleries Ltd. at the New Sharlston Stanley Main Mine.

New Sharlston Collieries Ltd. operated the following collieries:

The Sharlston Haigh-Moor Pit,
The Sharlston Stanley-Main Pit,
The Sharlston West Pit,
(Later to become Walton Pit),
The Haw-Park Pit

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Not 'All work and no play' though:

Sharlston West Colliery Tug-of-War Team.
Winners of the N.C.A.A.A.* Championships 1939 - 1947.

: A. Hinchcliffe, D. Jackson, D. Hopson,
R. Booth, E. Lilley, H. Woodward.
Front: D. Bowman, E. Wilkinson,
E. Murgatroyd Engine Wright),
W.H. Bourne (Manager), M. Wilson (Coach),
G. Wrigglesworth, J. Bowman.

(*Northern Counties Amateur Athletics Association)
Click to enlargeNew Sharlston Collieries Co. Ltd. letter recommending an employee as a potential tenant.  
Click to enlarge A coal miner, possibly late 19th century.
This photograph was once on display in the New Inn, Walton. The subject is possibly a miner at Sharlston West; however, this is by no means certain. [Date and photographer not known.]

Remnants - Sharlston Colliery rubble. Just another brick in the wall ....

Collieries often had their own brick works.
This old brick is from Sharlston Colliery brickworks.

In the early days of the nature park, many of these bricks from the demolished buildings were visible in gullies and ditches around the Walton site.

They were also to be found in Haw Park Wood near the old shaft, and in hedgerows, verges and farmfields, etc., in Walton Civil Parish and the surrounding area.

Gradually they are disappearing into the soil and undergrowth as the colliery fades from memory with the passage of time.

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WALTON COLLIERY - THE PIT Page 3 (Sharlston West)
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