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WALTON - WESTERN AREAS (Greenside & Common Lane)
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Click on the images to enlarge.
Click to enlargeView across the Greenbelt towards Sandal Grange from Common Lane.
© John S. Sargent May 2000.

Click to enlargeGreenside is the area of land between the road of the same name and Bull Bridge Dike. The dike forms the boundary between Walton Civil Parish and Sandal, part of the City of Wakefield.

Bull Bridge Dike flows northwards under Walton Station Lane and Walton Lane towards Oakenshaw Beck. Oakenshaw Beck joins the River Calder alongside the the remains of the first lock of the disused Barnsley Canal.

Click to enlargeGreenside, viewed from Shay Lane. October 2000.
Click to enlargeGreenside. From the public footpath towards the top of Gallows Hill
Photographed 2nd September 2010.
Click to enlargeSandal Grange with St. Helen's tower and Wakefield in the distance. From the public footpath towards the top of Gallows Hill
Photographed 2nd September 2010.
Click to enlargeA bus squeezing through the road works at the junction of Greenside and School Lane.
[4th August 2012]
Click to enlargeWalton Station Lane, viewed towards Woodthorpe.
[4th August 2012]
Click to enlargeGreenside. Bench sponsored by the parish council to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, 1952 - 2012.  
Click to enlargeGallows Hill Transmitter. Photographed from Common Lane, 2nd September 2010. Click to enlargeView across Greenside towards the Ferrybridge Power Station by the A1 Great North Road, a distance of about 15.5 km as the crow flies.
2nd September 2010.
Click to enlargeThe narrow greenbelt that separates the village from the Sandal area of Wakefield.
Click to enlargeOilseed rape in full bloom on Gallows Hill. [2015]
Click to enlargeThe cottages near the junction of Greenside with Shay Lane.
Photographed 2nd September 2010.
Click to enlargeView of Station Lane from Greenside, Walton. © John S. Sargent 9th May 2004.
Click to enlargeSandal (foreground) and Pinderfields Hospital. A distance of about 6 km as the crow flies.
© John S. Sargent 2nd September 2010.
Click to enlargeEmley Moor transmitter viewed from Gallows Hill, a distance of about 13 km.
Photographed 2nd September 2010.
Click to enlargeWalton Station Lane in snow, creating a picturesque scene of the greenbelt towards Sandal.
© John S. Sargent 21st February 2010.
Click to enlarge Greenside, the cottages near the junction with Shay Lane.
© John S. Sargent 16th March 2010.
Click to enlargeA passenger train passing through Shay Lane Road Bridge. The photograph was taken in March 1980. Nowadays there is just one line to Monckton Coke and Chemical Works at Royston. This is the line that passes through Chevet Cutting. Click to enlargeCommon Lane in the direction of Shay Lane. The stone walls along the sides of the road have suffered over the years. The unattractive grey metal fence now replaces some sections of the wall along the railway line. [2015]
Click to enlargeOn the same stretch of line as the train above:
A Northern Rail liveried Class 144 train (No. 144008) being put through its paces. The now long gone Walton Station was beyond the Shay Lane Road Bridge.
The British Rail Class 144 Pacer diesel multiple units (DMUs) were built by BREL Derby from 1986 to 1987. A total of 23 units were built. [2015]

Click to enlargeAnother Northern Rail train (DMU) between the village and Chevet Cutting.

Viewed from Walton Path No. 6 - OVERTOWN (The Balk to Common Lane.

Click to enlarge.The acceptance trials of the (then) new Virgin Super Voyager trains circa 2001.
The train has just passed beneath the Shay Lane and is travelling south towards Chevet Cutting.

The trials took place on the remaining single track which had once been a section of the Midland Railway mainline between Oakenshaw Jnc & Cudworth Nth Jnc.
[Source: Nick Lyons]

■ More trains on this line in Chevet Cutting.

Click to enlarge.The same train just about to pass beneath the footbridge ('tin bridge') carrying the public right of way (A.) from Common Lane to Overtown. There is another footbridge further along, carrying another public right of way (B.) across the Chevet Cutting.
[Photgraph: Nick Lyons]

A. Walton Path No. 6 - OVERTOWN
(The Balk to Common Lane)

B. Walton Path No. 11 - CHEVET CUTTING
(Sike Lane to Chevet Cutting Railway Footbridge, Chevet Boundary)

Click to enlargeGreenside in the snow.
© John S. Sargent 21st February 2010.
Click to enlargeSandal (foreground) and the City of Wakefield. The Clock Tower (Town Hall) and the Cathedral are amongst the dreaming spires. Photographed from Gallows Hill, the city centre is about 4.5 km away.
[2nd September 2010]
Click to enlargeCommon Lane side and the pylons looking picturesque.
© John S. Sargent 21st February 2010.
Click to enlarge"Welcome to Walton".
So good they named it twice. The sign was originally near the golf driving range by Walton Common Farm (just visible around the bend).
© John S. Sargent 20th February 2010.
  Click to enlargeCommon Lane in 2004.
Click to enlargeWalton Common Farm* viewed from the Tin Bridge (foot bridge over the railway) by Common Lane. By the following day, the area was covered by a blanket of snow.
(* Known in the past as 'Common End'. Peter Wright A History of Walton, p.27)
[20th February 2010]
Click to enlargeView towards Common Lane from the footbridge across Bull Bridge Dike. Walton Footpath 5 (Woodwell) and Wakefield Footpath 87.
Footpaths and Bridleways
For more information about public rights of way in the Wakefield district, visit the official Wakefield website.
Click here for Walton's Public Rights of Way.
WALTON - WESTERN AREAS (Greenside & Common Lane)

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